Random Pop Century Pictures I Took

Well, it happened already. I forgot to post yesterday, killing my post-everyday-until-my-next-birthday plan. I didn’t even make it two months, oh well.

Today, I wanted to share some pictures of Pop Century from a trip my sons and I took in 2013. Pop is my favorite of all of the Value Resorts at Disney World but I haven’t been since the rooms were refurbished. They look nice, but I don’t like that the second bed is a Murphy bed that serves as the table in the room when it’s up. I like to be able to sit at the table in the mornings before I wake up the guys to start getting ready but with the Murphy bed, there’s no table to use when the bed is down.

Ok, enough with my semi-grouchy commentary…on to the pictures of the area near our room in 2013.

The Computer Pool (my sons’ favorite!)
The room a few doors down from ours. I love seeing how people decorate their value room windows!
The backside of Roger Rabbit…
I used to be obsessed with seeing the Coke machines that had Cinderella Castle on them.

One comment

  1. I am also not a fan of the Murphy beds being placed in the resorts for a number of reasons. Pop Century is also our favorite value resort. It’s a real bonus that it’s on the Skyliner route now. Love all the pictures!

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