My First Ever Ride Evacuation

Moments after Big Thunder Mountain Railroad stopped while we rode it

Rides at Disney World break down from time to time. Maybe I’m just more aware of it in recent years, but sometimes it seems like they are breaking down more often. There have been plenty of times when a ride went down and we couldn’t ride it when we planned to, but in all of my 34 years of visiting Walt Disney World, I had never actually been on a ride when it broke down and had to be evacuated from it.

As weird as it might sound, a few years ago I began wanting to experience being evacuated from a ride at Disney World. This is another of those things that would suck if it happened to someone who was visiting for the first time and may possibly never get to go to Disney Parks again. I’m sure there are plenty of people who go regularly who would prefer not to have the ride break down while they were on it, but I find it an interesting process.

In February of 2018, I was evacuated from a ride for the first time! It was a trip with me, my sister, and her twin teenage daughters. Our ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad suddenly stopped at what I’m calling the halfway point (I really don’t know if it’s halfway). Part of me wanted the ride to start working again and finish because I love this ride and it’s so fun. The other part of me was excited that we had to be evacuated!

When getting evacuated from a Disney World ride, a Cast Member will come and give everyone instructions on how to exit and where to go. Most of the time, guests have to walk through backstage areas to get out of the ride area. This is what I wanted to see! I’m fascinated with being able to see backstage areas of Disney World parks. So after we were helped out of the train car, we were lead through an exit door that took us to what looked liked it was under a big part of the ride. It was so cool to see this!

The Cast Members asked us beforehand not to take video or pictures in the backstage area so I didn’t take any at all. I have to respect their request and I can understand why they ask guests not to take pictures or video. Of course, there were a couple of people who still took pictures, even as the Cast Members guiding us out asked them again not to do so. The only picture I took was the one while we sat in the train car waiting to be “rescued.”

This was a pretty cool experience in my opinion, and I won’t be mad if I have to be (safely) evacuated from a ride again in the future, with the exception of Rise of the Resistance. I’m hoping when I finally get to ride that one that it doesn’t break down and I get to experience it all the way through without any problems. 🤞🏽 °O°


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  1. The way to spot a real Disney Theme Park fan is when being evacuated from a ride is on their bucket list. Although I have been on many rides that have broken down, I have yet to be evacuated. It just might be on my Disney bucket list…

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