Disney World Attractions I’ve Fallen Asleep On

(me on some Disney World attractions)

Visiting the parks of Walt Disney World can be super tiring, especially if you go from the time the parks open until the end of the day when they close. I’ve unintentionally fallen asleep on/at some attractions mostly because I was tired and I was sitting in a nice, cool place. Here’s the list of attractions where I’ve fallen asleep.

  1. The American Adventure (EPCOT) – I genuinely was interested in seeing this show but the length, low lights, almost comfy seats…get me almost every time. I actually stopped watching this unless I just want to take a short nap.
  2. Mickey’s PhilharMagic (Magic Kingdom) – I enjoy this show, but the last time that I decided to watch it, I fell asleep. I ended up waking up right before the end because my head fell to the side and it startled me.
  3. The Hall of Presidents (Magic Kingdom) – I mean….can you blame me? I do find the history interesting but these days I just go watch this if I need a little break and quick nap before we head off to ride other stuff.
  4. Carousel of Progress (Magic Kingdom) – I really like Carousel of Progress! It never gets old even though this bad boy needs some TLC (and maybe an updated final scene), but every once in a while, depending on what point in the day we watch this, I fall fast asleep on it.
  5. Spaceship Earth (EPCOT) – Here’s another attraction that I LOVE! But if I ride this later in the day, especially if we’re about to head back to the room to rest for a bit, I doze off on this. I hate when I fall asleep here because I like seeing everything during this ride.
  6. Disney Bus Transportation back to the resort room (Honorable Mention) – Ok, this isn’t an attraction, but on the days where we take no break and go rope drop to park close, that bus ride back to the room is my pre-bedtime nap. Yes, that’s a thing. But I’ve fallen asleep a few times on the bus back to the room and I wish I wouldn’t do so because I don’t want to be asleep on a bus full of people I don’t know.

Who else falls asleep on certain attractions? I know I’m not the only one! °O°


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