My Family Isn’t as Excited About Disney World as I Am

I figured out years ago that I’m the only one in my family that is obsessed with going to Disney World every year. My sons had a few years where they didn’t care whether we went to Disney or not and at one point my oldest son even said, “Well, it’s just the same stuff we’ve already seen.”

Surprisingly, I didn’t ugly cry and question if he was really my son or not. I was a little disappointed but then I told them that I’d plan to go by myself and find something or somewhere else to take them for a vacation they would enjoy. Almost every time, they chose to go with me to Disney World for our family vacation instead of somewhere else. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Dare I say, they didn’t really like it when I took my solo trips without them to meet up with friends? That may only be partially true.

Now that there are some new attractions that they haven’t seen, they’re more interested in going back again. But mostly they only want to do the stuff they haven’t done yet and don’t really care about riding some of the stuff I like to ride every visit. They definitely aren’t as obsessed as I am, or I guess I should say they aren’t obsessed at all. They prefer doing a few things and just going back to the room to get on their laptops or phones in the air conditioning.

My parents stopped visiting the parks several years ago because they started having mobility issues and neither one enjoyed using the scooters at Sea World one year so decided using them at Disney World wouldn’t be enjoyable. Plus, my dad had gotten to where they were paying for his ticket for him to just walk around with us because he lost interest in riding most things. My mom would love to go back to the parks but she just refuses to use a mobility scooter or wheelchair.

My dad passed away over a year ago, but my sons and I, along with my mom, get together every week with my sister and her family and we eat a meal at her house and hang out. I ultimately mention Disney World a couple of times and everyone just lets me talk and then changes the subject because they get tired of everything coming back to Walt Disney World. Bless them for letting me still say my Disney piece before ignoring me and acting like I didn’t say anything.

I do wonder though, if one day, they’ll hold some kind of intervention. If they do, I just hope it’s at Disney World. °O°


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