My “One and Done” Rides at Disney World- Frozen Ever After

There are some attractions/rides at Walt Disney World resort that I don’t care about that much and once I’ve done them, I’m happy with only having done them that one time. Here’s post #4 featuring one of my One and Done worthy rides at Disney World.

Frozen Ever After (EPCOT)

This one and done is a little different for me. This ride, in case you aren’t aware, used to be Maelstrom in the Norway Pavilion of World Showcase. I love the Norway pavilion and I loved riding Maelstrom. Vikings, trolls, polar bears…the hidden Mickeys on the wall mural where you used to load into the ride boats…it was great. I even liked to sit and watch the after ride show about Norway, even when no one else in my travel party wanted to see it.

Once it became Frozen Ever After, I decided I needed to ride it just to see it for myself. I’m not a huge Frozen fan and didn’t care that it was now themed around the movie, but I figured I might as well see what replaced my beloved Maelstrom.

This ride basically runs the same track that Maelstrom did and any Frozen fans will enjoy it since it has all of the main Frozen characters that most people love! But I’m just not that into Frozen so it was just ok for me. I’m not planning to ride it again unless someone I’m visiting with really wants me to ride with them, the wait is short, and/or I’m in need of an air conditioned break.

If this was still Maelstrom, I’d want to ride it, but for now, I’m adding Frozen Ever After to my One and Done list. °O°


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