Disney World Nighttime Shows

(photo from Disney’s website)

I’ve always been impressed with Disney World’s fireworks and nighttime shows. I feel like they’ve ruined it for me as far as any fireworks that are NOT at Walt Disney World. Every show had something that I loved about it and I couldn’t really pick a “favorite” for a very long time.

I always loved Wishes at Magic Kingdom and I cried during that show on more than one occasion. I also love Fantasmic! and have also teared up when watching it on more than one occasion. I know some people disliked IllumiNations at EPCOT, but once again, I loved it! Tears have been shed. You get the picture.

When Rivers of Light began in Animal Kingdom, I wanted to love it. I knew there wouldn’t be the big fireworks like the other parks had because of the animals that actually live in the park, but I figured Disney would come up with something awesome. I guess it was pretty cool, but I just found the show to be ok. I did watch it a couple of times but I’m not that upset that it has ended. If they come up with something else, I’m sure I’ll go watch it.

When Happily Ever After replaced Wishes at Magic Kingdom, I didn’t know what to think. I loved Wishes and I have issues with change sometimes (most of the time) so I kept thinking, this new show better be good! I was annoyed for a long time that Wishes ended. I intentionally didn’t watch any videos of Happily Ever After before I was able to see it in person so that I could have a better first impression of it when I first saw it. Let me just say that it did not disappoint! I was amazed and yep, as usual, I teared up and cried a little bit when I watched it.

I wasn’t able to watch the new fireworks show at EPCOT, Epcot Forever, when I went to Disney World in November, so I still have to check that out once it’s able to start showing again. The parks at night are just so pretty and magical anyway, but watching the fireworks or nighttime shows is just the pixie dust on top of the magic! °O°


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