Disney’s Skyliner – I Worried About Riding It

(image from Disney World website)

I admit that I was worried about trying to ride Disney’s Skyliner. Not because of the time it broke down and people were stranded on it for a few hours, but because I get motion sickness and I was concerned that it would sway too much and leave me feeling nauseous. Luckily, that didn’t happen when I rode it in November 2019, but I will say the “landing” makes me brace myself every time.

Here’s a short video of a portion of my ride! °O°


One comment

  1. I was a little nervous my first time riding it, too. I rode it for the first time last November while my hubby was at a conference. I enjoyed it so much that we actually booked a few days at the Caribbean Beach Resort just for our Epcot and Hollywood Studios days. I loved the video. It takes me there when I can’t be there physically.

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