Walt Disney World Resort Room Only Vacation?

Yes, that says Walt Disney World Resort Room Only Vacation. As in, you don’t go to any of the parks and you just hang out at the Disney World resort hotel (and maybe venture off to see Disney Springs and/or non-Disney stuff). I’m sure some of you are wondering why in the world someone would do this. Some of you know that a resort room only vacation at Disney World can be a great way to get some Disney Magic in without even stepping foot in one of the parks.

Obviously, if you’ve never been to the parks before, this is probably not the way you want to do your first trip to Disney World. But if you’ve been before and just want to have a laid back vacation and get some Disney in your life and also save a little money (because you aren’t buying park tickets), then this might be for you! I’ve never done this but with the runDisney Wine and Dine race weekend having been converted into a virtual race instead (I was planning on doing the 5k with one of my sons so we have a resort room reservation for that weekend), I’m considering keeping my Saratoga Springs reservation and just having a resort room only vacation.

I know the parks are open again but with the severe increase in Covid-19 cases in Florida lately, I’m not sure if I’m willing to visit the parks this year and even if I wanted to, I really don’t think I’d enjoy myself with having to wear a mask all day. I already get plenty hot and sweaty in the Texas heat, once I get to Florida it’s always way worse. I’ve finally gotten used to wearing a mask for the few places that I go to right now, and I always sweat like crazy under the mask.

The other factor is whether or not it’s worth it to make the 22-24 hour drive to Disney World to JUST stay in the room. We definitely would be driving. We were going to be driving even if the virus craziness hadn’t hit anyway. But do I want to drive all that way and then only stay in the room for 5 nights? There are things to do at the resort (you can see specifically what I mean for Saratoga Springs) but I’m not sure if any of us would realistically want to do any of the activities. If anything, we might do the painting class and possibly rent a Surrey bike.

I can’t decide yet if we’ll go ahead with a room only vacation. I already cancelled the other reservations I had earlier in the year and if I have to wait until 2021 for my next visit, I’ll be fine with that, but also, I sure am annoyed with not getting any travel in this year because of the pandemic. Better safe than sorry, but the cabin fever is real. °O°


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