My Disney Evolution (aka How I Became a Disney World Snob) -Part 4

Sometime in 2013, I started thinking about how even though I’d been to Walt Disney World many times, I still hadn’t done a lot of things there. Like go on a fireworks cruise, try a Dole Whip, stay in a deluxe resort, or participate in a runDisney event. The list goes on, but that runDisney one was a surprise for me because I hate running but I also knew that I could at least just walk a 5k to check this one off of my list and then move on with my Disney life.

Before I even signed up for a race, I started walking regularly so that I could work up to 3.1 miles for a runDisney 5k. One evening while I was walking (at the local high school running track), I was feeling pretty good and decided to see what would happen if I just ran the straight parts of the track and then walk around the curves. It wasn’t so bad so next thing I know, I’m using the Galloway method to run/walk and I signed up with a friend for the runDisney Expedition Everest 5k in May of 2014.

This created the opportunity for my first solo trip (which was also a Disney Bucket List item). For me, I thought of a solo trip as one without my kids. Even though my friend Shari was my race partner for this race, she lives in another state so we met up at Disney and split a room at Pop Century. This was the first year that the FastPass+ system with MagicBands was used and I just followed Shari’s lead for what rides we did. It was so nice to just do whatever we wanted and eat wherever we wanted.

This ended up being a game changer for me because I went on more short trips without my kids over the time frame where they didn’t really want to go more than once a year and I was still able to take our family vacation with them too. One of my friend meet up trips allotted me the opportunity to stay in a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resort. After that, I stayed in deluxe resorts and DVC rooms more and more and as much as I love Pop Century, any time that I can stay in a deluxe resort, I do because…well…why not? I’ve also stayed at Coronado Springs which was nice but I absolutely love staying in a villa that has a full kitchen. I’m not big on cooking anyway, but having the kitchen makes it easy to keep drinks, snacks, and food to eat in the room. We spend more time relaxing in the room these days so I love the convenience of the villas.

Staying deluxe/DVC is what really pushed me over the edge of Disney snobbery. I would stay in a value or moderate again, but really, each time that I say we’ll just stay at Pop Century or in a moderate, I stop and think about whether a one or two bedroom, or even a Fort Wilderness Cabin would be better. Let me be clear, I’m not rich and I am still a single mother with one income, but I make going to Disney World work out and find ways to stay in a villa if I want to. This is when I finally admitted that I’m a Disney World snob.

I also finally started letting a travel agent book my trips instead of being so obsessive about having to do all the planning myself. That’s not a snobby thing to do, but I used to be so strict about my Disney planning that I dare not let a travel agent help me. But in reality, it’s just a lot easier to enlist the help of a travel agent and their services are free.

So, that’s how I went from strict planner and commando park tourer, to a more laid-back and deluxe staying Disney World snob. And I’m not even sorry. DVC ownership…I’m coming for you next! Everyone should do what works best for them so I’m not saying you should be a snob too, but if you are one or become one, it’s not a bad thing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. °O°



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