A Year of Posts

Hi y’all! Remember me? I hope so because honestly I almost didn’t remember me myself. But today is my birthday and one of the goals I set for myself for this birthday year (the 12 months from one birthday to the other) is to post to this blog regularly!

My first idea was to post here every single day until my next birthday…but yeah, I’ll see how that goes. I’ve still been working from home full time during this entire Covid-19 craziness and lockdowns/quarantine, but I’m gonna try!

I had planned to visit Disney World 4 times this year but I canceled all but my November trip. I’m waiting it out to see if things even improve enough for me to try to keep the November trip but right now I’m not super impressed with my chances.

What I DO know is that I can talk about Disney World everyday (because I already do and my close friends and family seem to be sick of it). So if you enjoy talking about Disney World and Disney Parks, stay tuned for more posts! 😀


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