Dirty Little Disney Secrets


My name is Shandale, and I’m a Disney World Addict.

I think about Disney World everyday. I talk about Disney World everyday. I plan out fake Disney World vacations that I know I can’t take just to keep me sane until it’s time for the Disney World vacations that I can take.

Family reunion? I’m probably not going unless it’s at Disney World. Want to have a girls trip for all of my BFFs? In Las Vegas? Are you crazy? It needs to be at a Disney Park…or else I’m magically unavailable that weekend.

Boss wants me to work overtime? Sure! More money for my next Disney World trip.

My kids don’t want to go to Disney this year? Pfft. No worries, they’re old enough to stay home under the supervision of their grandparents while I go alone.

Yeah, I’m a Disney World Addict and I don’t care what you think about it. Now if you’ll excuse me, while you’re busy complaining about how many times I’ve gone to Disney World, I’ve got more fake trip plans to refine.

See Ya Real Soon! °O°



  1. My daughter has started counting how many times I mention Disney World or Florida in a day. All I hear from her when I start talking about all things Disney is 1, or 3, or 5. I think I got to 8 one day, and now I have to watch myself because it’s no fun getting the eye roll from a 16 year old everyday! I love your videos, Have a magical day 🙂

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