42 Weeks Later…

42 weeks later

No, I’m not referring to how long it’s been since I’ve posted to my blog. Although it might as well have been that long. :/

In the Spring of 2015 I got some bad news. Ok, well it wasn’t really bad news. More like disappointing news. My kids told me that they wanted a break from going to Disney World. Not life changing information, but I did curl up in the fetal position and cry for a hour. Yeah, that’s not true but believe me when I say that I would have been content to do exactly that.

They not only didn’t want to go to Walt Disney World, but apparently wanted a “staycation” instead of finding a new travel destination. All of this time they held fast to their decision. I was fine with that, and they were fine knowing that I’d be making a few short solo trips to Disney. About 42 weeks after they decided that they were over going to Disney World, I was asking both of my boys were they sure they didn’t want to go anywhere for vacation in 2016. This time, I got a different answer.

Yes, that’s right. Less than a year later, my kids have decided that they would like to go ahead and go back to Disney! I went to my bedroom and did a series of celebratory dances. With this new knowledge, I decided to talk to my sister and my parents and see if I could plan a big family trip. So now, we’re all going to Disney World together later this year!

I’m really excited about this trip because for my parents, my sister and me it will be the 30th anniversary of our first trip to Walt Disney World. My nieces and nephew have only been 2 other times, so they are excited to be able to go back too! I’m not giving away any details in this post, but this trip is going to be so great! We’ll be celebrating more than one thing on this trip and get to experience some things none of us has ever done! AHHHHHH!!! I can’t wait!

See Ya Real Soon!



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  1. It’s like letting the husband think he came up with some fantastical idea when all along it was yours to begin with. Sometimes you just have to keep from saying what you REALLY want to and instead say “why that sounds like a great idea!” :p

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