Nope, Not a Race/Trip Report Update


Ok, so this post probably should be an update to my race/trip report for the Expedition Everest Challenge, but it’s not…. But this is so exciting that I had to share!

One of my long time friends (one of my BFFs since Junior High!) texted me last night after she saw my Facebook post reminding my Disney running friends that registration for the Princess Half Marathon opens on July 15th. Well, turns out that she wants to run it with me!! WOO HOO!! This is awesome to me not only because she’s one of my besties, but also because after much struggle to lose weight, she had a gastric sleeve procedure done and is making big strides towards losing the weight and changing her lifestyle to keep it off! She’s just starting out with running so she’ll be walking first then beginning a training program soon!

I’m stoked! We’ve been trying to plan a trip together to Walt Disney World for a couple of years and now I get to share my Happy Place AND my runDisney passion with one of my lifetime best friends! I cried last night when she told me about how she’s on a mission and when I saw how determined she is. Crud…I’m crying NOW! Tears of joy, of course! I’m just so overwhelmed with joy that so many things in my own life and the lives of my friends are going so well!

I’m even more pumped about my first runDisney Half Marathon now! I have a feeling  some more friends (new and old) will all be at the Princess Half Marathon weekend and it’s just gonna be FREAKING AWESOME! 😀

See Ya Real Soon!


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