The Packing Ordeal

bulging suitcase

I’ve been to Walt Disney World more than 25 times. I long ago lost count, but it’s somewhere between 25 and 31 times (I think). But the point is, I’ve had plenty of practice with packing for my trips. I’ve packed a few weeks in advance. I’ve packed a week in advance. Heck, I’ve even done a few pack-the-night-before fiascoes. I’ve over-packed, under-packed, packed just what we need…By now I know what I need for a Disney World trip.

I’d say I have less experience with short 2-4 day trips. I have gone on weekend trips to other places before and only had to pack a carry-on sized bag, and I don’t recall having any issues as far as taking too much or forgetting things. But, by golly, for the life of me I cannot seem to get my stuff packed for the Expedition Everest Challenge next weekend!

Packing my race clothes and shoes was easy. It’s everything else that’s jacking with my brain. I keep flip flopping with how many changes of clothes I’m going to take. It’s like, “I’ll just take these 3 shirts. But I kind of want this 4th shirt. Maybe shirt number 5 will be more comfortable? Ok, I’ll just take all 5 shirts….wait….WHY do I need 5 shirts?” I’m frustrating myself.

Don’t even get me started on the shoe situation. Ummm, ok well I got myself started on the shoe situation by saying that, didn’t I? Well, since I brought it up….I’m obviously taking my running shoes. I was going to only take one other pair of shoes for going to the parks, but then I started telling myself, “These shoes will be better for on the plane but this other pair will be better for race packet pick-up and the parks. But do I really have room for 2 pairs of shoes in the carry-on? Crap! I haven’t even put my toiletries in here!” Then I cover my face with my hands and mumble incoherently, which is a good thing since those incoherent sounds are basically lots of four letter words that I’m spouting as an alternative to ripping the skin from my face.

I was not expecting myself to be such a pain in the right butt cheek over packing for such a short Disney trip. I’m gonna get some sleep and tomorrow after work I’m gonna tackle this packing thing and get on with my Disney life!

See Ya Real Soon!



  1. Oh I’m SO right there with ya! I’m a notorious overpacker and since I’m pretty much ALWAYS cold (yes, even here in south FLA), I always end up with two options PER DAY (one if it’s too cold for me and one if it;s just right:). I feel your pain girlie!

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