The Running Curve

51nwmJlgYpL._SS500_I’m really proud of myself lately. When I first started training for my runDisney 5k, I was only running 3 specific days a week. Which was fine, but what was happening was that something would come up on one of my training days and I’d make an excuse to not run that day. And to make matters worse, I didn’t make up that day at all, I’d just end up only running twice, and sometimes only once, that week. It makes sense to run in the mornings, but I don’t run in the morning before work (yet) because I have major issues waking up. Me and the snooze button are BFFs. Sometimes I get up and hit snooze or completely turn the alarm off and then go back to bed and I don’t even realize that I’ve done so. Then I suddenly wake up an hour late and have to rush to get everyone out of bed and ready to go. So I’ll admit, it took me longer to work up to longer distances.

About 2 months ago I started training every other day. Just a continuous schedule of every other day. On non-training days I use my exercise bike and do some upper body strengthening, and since I’ve started having more knee issues, I’ve included strengthening exercises for my legs/knees too. I pick a complete rest day each week depending on what I’ve got going on that week. I’m finally at a point where training (and exercise in general) is just a normal, everyday MUST DO in my life! My friends are impressed/pissed off because they: 1- think it’s awesome that I’ve lost weight and made positive changes in my life, and 2- hate that I make plans with them around my training schedule. If we want to go do something, I always say Ok, but it’ll have to be at this certain time because I have to go for a run first. Or we have to be done before this certain time so that I can train before it’s too late at night.

I’m finally at the point where that 3.1 miles is my standard, automatic distance to go, and I’ve been adding distance and upping my training in preparation for a half marathon in November! I can honestly say that I look forward to being able to go further and run continuously for longer stretches of time. To top it all off, one of my cousins called me recently to ask me how I got started with running because I motivated him and he wanted to start running too. Now he’s a couple of weeks into training for a 5k and it made me feel good to know that I motivated him! ME! You know, me who HATED running… That makes me feel even better than my thoughts of running at Disney World! Wonders never cease to amaze me. 🙂

See Ya Real Soon!



  1. Great plan! My work is so insane lately that I’ve found myself skipping runs a lot more than I should (considering my race calendar if nothing else!). Your plan sounds like a good one!

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