Spare Change

change-aheadI’m resistant to most change. Or maybe I should just say that I don’t like it…sometimes I hate it. Most of the time when things change, I roll with it (while I call it bad words and mean names behind it’s back). Depending on the situation, the changes I’m trash-talking about are for the better but that doesn’t mean I hate them any less. Case in point- I’m probably going to have to change my March trip to Walt Disney World to late May/early June. I totally hate that idea and I’m stressing out about it. :/

A lot of things have come up in the past few weeks and postponing my trip would make a lot of sense. But my Disney World obsessed side is flipping the heck out! The weather is way better in March. The crowds last March were quite manageable, and I know early June will be a little busier. And hotter…. And the PIN discount I received from Disney isn’t good past March. On the bright side, I can make one of the Star Wars Weekends if I go in May/June! And maybe all of this MagicBand and FP+ chaos will be worked out by then. I just hate having to change my trip, but I’m lucky to be going at all.

Right now I’m 92% sure that I will push my trip back to May/June. I’ve gotta make up my mind so that I can change my vacation time at work within the next couple of weeks. Hopefully by then I will have accepted that this is gonna be for the best and I won’t be grouchy about it much longer. Change really isn’t so bad. It will do me good! 🙂

“You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.”
-Walt Disney

See Ya Real Soon!


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