The Power of Run(Disney)

223350462740125165_wIE7lASu_cHi all!! Yep, I’ve returned from being supposedly too busy to blog. There’s been a lot going on for me lately and I totally should have been posting here about it because a lot of it has been Disney related! But, I suck at time management soooooo……let’s just not talk about that right now! 🙂

To catch you all up on my favorite thing that’s been going on, I’ll cut straight to the chase. I started running!! Now, you need to know that I’ve never liked running. I have a long time animosity for running, actually. Running cross country in high school led to an injury and subsequent knee surgery at the end of my junior year. When my friends have suggested I go running with them in the past, I fell to the ground in fits of hysterical laughter. Heck, I even used to post funny memes and someecards on Facebook about how I don’t run. But over the past year and a half or so, I’ve been having these secret desires to run. Seriously. I mean, I would even have dreams about running and I’d wake up thinking,  “I really want to go running…” But then I’d start yelling at myself, “Self! You stop it RIGHT NOW!! YOU DO NOT RUN!! NO! NO, NO, NOOOO!” And I may or may not have slapped myself around to try to get the idea out of my head…

Anywho, I have been working out and losing weight over the past several weeks and about 3 weeks ago I broke down and decided to let myself try to start running. One of my Disney Bucket List items is to participate in a RunDisney event so I figured, why not? So, I started a couch to 5k training plan. Surprisingly, I’ve been feeling really awesome!! I had tried to start running a couple months ago and hurt my knee (not even the one that got surgerized either) so I stopped at that time but got a knee brace and have been more careful this time. I am determined to run at least one 5k at Disney World and the plan is to be able to run a half marathon in 2015. I really hope to do the 5k in February 2014. I for sure will be doing the Expedition Everest 5k in May 2014!! Disney is the great motivator for me on this! (Duh….)

If any of you are runners and can give a newbie like me any pointers, please do so! I really want to stick with the running and one day when someone asks me what made me want to keep running, I’m gonna tell them, “Well, it all started with a mouse!” 🙂

See Ya Real Soon!


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