More Starbucks at Walt Disney World….oh joy…

Fountain View at EpcotI must admit, I haven’t followed the progress of Walt Disney World opening up Starbucks locations around the parks and resort. Honestly, I haven’t cared much. I never go to Starbucks or even drink coffee (nor do I drink lattes, espressos, or macchiatos- although those words make them sound awesome and super fancy). So this morning when I read on that more locations will opening in Downtown Disney next month, I was all “Eh…that’s nice…” and I went on about my life.

A few minutes later I began to think that it was a good idea to know where the Epcot Starbucks was (you know, to tell others about when they undoubtedly ask me in the months to come) since I already know where the Magic Kingdom location is, so I watched some videos on YouTube that offer a virtual tour. I immediately kicked myself for not following this closer… I only realized today that Starbucks in Epcot took the place of the Edy’s Ice Cream place that was in the Fountainview Cafe there in Future World. 😦 This is where me and my kids had a tasty treat almost every trip over the past several years. We had our breakfast ice cream here a couple of times.

So now I suddenly care about all the Starbucks popping up all over Disney World…stupid Starbucks… I’m sure Starbucks will create more revenue than Edy’s Ice Cream did, but this was a trip must do for us. It was one of those Disney Traditions that I didn’t realize I actually had until this year. There’s other places for us to get ice cream at Epcot, so I’ll get over it…eventually. But I think I’ll take the next few minutes to be bitter and mumble incoherently under my breath about this. And when I pass a Starbucks around town, I’m gonna mumble bitterly and shake my fist at the building…at least for the next 3-4 times I pass one, anyway.

See Ya Real Soon!



  1. Ugh agreed… when I went in August I was super bummed seeing it on Main Street then seeing “Coming Soon!” in Epcot, blah… who cares? I mean, I am no coffee drinker or even like coffee anything, but I don’t get the “big deal” about Starbucks.

  2. I don’t do coffee, but I DID like that location for people watching and to see the fountain do it’s thing! I hope I can still sit there and watch without a Starbucks cup in my hand!

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