To Bag, or Not to Bag? That is the Question

BagCheckAreaFirst of all, yes, I know I have a similarly titled post about DVC. I enjoy Shakespeare, ok?

I used to scoff at the folks who toured Walt Disney World without a bag. Ever since the 4th or 5th time that I visited Disney World I learned from my mom that taking a small backpack with some essential items in it was just the way to go. She didn’t take her purse to the parks, but had things like sunscreen, pain reliever, a camera and her wallet along with our park tickets and room key in a small backpack. My dad just kept his wallet in his pocket. So by the time I was going on my own WDW trips, I was well acclimated to the idea that I had to take a bag (or two) into the parks.

Of course, I may have gotten a bit out of control with the contents of my park bag(s). When my kids were younger I shoved a change of clothes in the bag for each of them, rain ponchos for all 3 of us, tissues, snacks, band aids, ziploc bags and other random items as I saw fit along with the basics that my mom used to carry. Sometimes I’d have to find a place to sit down just so I could take half of the junk out of the bag just to find one item. Good times.

Over the years I took fewer and fewer items, but still have always taken a park bag with us. One of my Disney boxes holds 3-4 bags that I’ve designated as strictly existing for Disney World trip usage. Our rain ponchos are now the biggest item in our park bag and I’ve managed to downsize from each of us carrying a bag to just one bag (that I carry because I want to be in control of our tickets, my wallet….oh heck, I just want to be in control. Period). But this past trip in March I spontaneously went out on a limb and did something crazy…I went bagless into the parks!

I didn’t go bagless every day, but after the first time that I decided not to take a bag, I was like, “Oh wow! This is awesome! I should do this more often!” I then went semi-bagless a couple of times. I took my small camera bag and just put our Key to The World cards and my cell phone in it. I felt like such a rebel! I don’t know that I can go bagless or semi-bagless every time from now on, but I’ll definitely do it again! Since I’m one to just keep going when it rains at Disney, I can’t see me going completely bagless on a regular basis. I don’t like shoving rain ponchos in my pocket and I’m not gonna carry my umbrella around when it’s not raining.

Who knows? I may evolve into a non-bag carrying citizen of Disney World before long! I just hope you don’t end up reading a post about how horribly wrong a future trip went because I didn’t take a park bag in with me. :/ Although, that could make for a highly entertaining read…

See Ya Real Soon!


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