The Solo Trip Debate


I’m always reading or hearing about people who are debating (with themselves) about whether or not they should do a solo trip to Walt Disney World. For me, there is NO debate!! I can’t wait to do a solo trip! Of course, so far my kids are not necessarily on board with this idea. My youngest son flip flops on the idea and will tell me he doesn’t care if I go alone because he’s happy to stay with my sister or my parents. Later, he’ll say he’s going if I’m going! But my oldest son always looks at me like I’m planning to give him up for adoption when I say I plan to do a solo trip in the future. He’s become quite the Disney Addict. When I told the kids that I’d like for us to go to Australia in about 3 or 4 years, my oldest asked if there was a Disneyland there. When I told him there isn’t one there yet he said “Then why would you want to go there?” Perhaps I’ve taught him TOO well…

I know everyone is different, but I think going to Disney solo is a fabulous idea! You can go at your own pace, get to the parks however early or late you want without anyone else complaining, and dine at the places you like the most! Some people worry that they will look weird or get treated differently if they dine alone. I’ve seen and heard enough to know that the Cast Members and even the characters treat solo travelers/diners the same as they do couples or families. I’ve even heard many solo diners say that they got extra attention to make them feel at home when they were on their solo trip. I’m sold on the idea simply because I will actually make rope drop on time if I don’t have my kids with me to try to get up and dressed on time!! Plus, I can ride whatever I want, however many times I want, and utilize the single rider lines whenever possible!! Sigh….it’s going to be amazing!! 🙂 

If you like meeting other Disney fanatics like I do, you could also plan to meet up with other solo travelers for meals or just to hang out in a group for a few hours! I have met some of the most awesome people in Disney Facebook groups whom I can’t wait to meet in person! I got to meet my FB friend Deb in March and she is even more awesome in person! Eventually I hope to meet more of my Disney peeps and solo trips will be made even more fun if I get to meet up with any of them!

Let’s not forget one more big benefit of a solo trip. Going alone to Disney World is a lot less expensive than going with the entire family! Yep, I said it. Is it selfish? Maybe, but if you can feasibly make a solo trip, go for it! The cost for one is obviously gonna be less than the cost for a family or household and it could even be an opportunity to stay at a different resort. You can budget and make it as inexpensive as you want or splurge on yourself!

A solo trip may not be for everyone, but you can be sure that I will make solo trips sometime in the future! If/when I move to the Orlando area, I’ll be in the parks solo ALL.THE.TIME!!

Well, I have an unexpected weekend off, so I’m off to indulge in Disney music and videos to take the edge off my Disney withdrawal.

See Ya Real Soon!


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