November 2022 Trip Report- I’m Not Even Mad

The message on the TV on our arrival day, because I have no pictures left

In my last trip report post, I told you about my runDisney Wine & Dine 5k experience. My son and I got back to our room after the 5k around 7:30am. My mom was still asleep, my oldest son was awake because he’s the one who picked us up from the Hospitality House after we got back from the race, and of course me and Zethan are awake. We decided we’d try to sleep for a little bit and go to play mini golf that afternoon.

Hours later, we were all just happily hanging out in our room at Old Key West when I figured out a medium-sized issue back home that I had to take care of. By the time I found out how to deal with that and where to go in the Orlando area to get it handled, I was a little annoyed and ready to get over to one of the Disney World miniature golf courses and have a fun time. But once I got back to the room, both boys said they didn’t really care if we went to play mini-golf and ultimately, we just relaxed in the room eating snacks and watching TV while we each played games or surfed the web on our laptops.

Back when my sons were little kids, I would get annoyed with them for not wanting to go do stuff or wanting to go back to our resort hotel room. But this time, I was fine with it and I found that staying in the room and sitting out on the patio was more of what I wanted to do anyway. I’ve been having issues with my depression and honestly, I just wasn’t really trying to push myself to go play mini golf when I was content with staying in the room. Besides, I was excited for EPCOT the next day and I decided this was exactly one of the reasons I had bought into Disney Vacation Club. We still could have stayed in a normal hotel room (Disney or otherwise) and relaxed, but it was really nice to have the roomy Old Key West 2 bedroom villa. We all had plenty of space to spread out and relax. We ended up not going anywhere the rest of the day, and I loved it.

Then, the next morning came. It was our EPCOT day! Even though I was enjoying not really doing anything all week, this was the day I was excited about because I wanted to ride Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind again and see what my sons thought about it! I planned to ride the Ratatouille ride since they hadn’t been on that either (it’s not a ride I’ll do every trip since the Remy ride was just OK for me and made me kind of nauseous). I woke up a few minutes before my alarm went off and decided to go ahead and get up so I would be fully awake and ready to try for the Cosmic Rewind 7am virtual queue. But as soon as I sat up, I realized something was wrong.

Before I could even stand up from the bed, I was super dizzy. I had to sit there for a moment to figure out how serious this was. I had some vertigo issues in the past, but I’m also on high blood pressure medication, so I had to see if this was more than vertigo. I made it to the bathroom and then went and sat at the table in the bedroom where I was sleeping during this trip. The dizziness started to pass pretty quickly but if I tried to move too quickly I would get a little dizzy again. I sat at the table and got the virtual queue boarding group for Guardians and decided I needed to see if I was going to feel better by the time we had planned to leave for EPCOT or if I should wait until a little later in the day.

Both of my sons were starting to get up to get dressed so I told them about my dizzy spell. Our Cosmic Rewind boarding group was supposed to be around 10:30 or so that morning, so I told them I was going to see if I felt ok to even ride it with them. I didn’t have an issue when I rode it in May but I also didn’t want to ride it and get sick or dizzy again in the park. I actually was feeling better less than an hour after the vertigo started, but I started to think about whether it was a good idea for me to even go to EPCOT at all that day. I was still a little dizzy when I bent over to pick things up or if I turned too quickly, so I decided I better stay in the room.

My sons made sure I didn’t mind if they went without me (I didn’t mind at all), and they went ahead and left for EPCOT using the resort bus. Neither of them felt like trying to navigate to EPCOT and park and all of that, and we had a bus stop very close to our room. I kept thinking I’d just rest for the morning and go to EPCOT myself in the afternoon, but even though I was feeling better, I began to worry about the fact that I had to help my mom with the drive back home which would begin the following morning. I’ll admit that I was bummed for a few minutes that I wasn’t going to any of the parks and that I hadn’t really done much this trip, but then I thought about it and realized I still really enjoyed my time staying in our villa.

My sons went and rode the things they wanted to ride, went to their favorite shop (Mitsukoshi in the Japan pavilion), and then they came back to the room. They loved Cosmic Rewind (which they rode at around 9:20am by the time the boarding group was called) and they were happy that the posted wait time of 50 minutes for Remy ended up only being about a 35 minute wait. I wasn’t surprised that they didn’t spend all day at the park since this is basically what they’ve always done. If I had been able to go, they may have gone with me and done Soarin’, Living With the Land, Spaceship Earth, the Figment ride and walked around all of the countries of the World Showcase, but just doing what they really wanted to do was perfect for them. I really wanted to see Boyz II Men again for the Eat To the Beat concert series on that same day, but hopefully they will be back next year.

I think only a few years ago, I would have scoffed at the idea of doing so little during one of my Disney World trips. I guess we ended up having a little resort staycation for this trip, and let me tell you, I’m not even mad. I definitely could have done more than we did, but we all ended up enjoying our time as a family together during this trip. I only wish my dad was still around to have been here for this one.

We left early the next morning for the long drive back to Texas, and luckily it was not as stressful as the ride to Disney World had been. As usual, I’m already planning for the next time I can go back to Walt Disney World! °O°


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