It’s Pre-Trip Anxiety Time

It’s Tuesday night. I should be working some extra hours but instead I’m watching Disney World vlogs on YouTube and writing this blog post. I leave for Disney World in less than a week, and usually by now I’m having pre-trip anxiety and questioning what I’m going to pack and what my trip plans should be. I did start my pre-trip anxiety yesterday but I worked a lot which kind of pushed that to the back of my mind and apparently made me feel more chill today.

I absolutely expect to be anxious again starting tomorrow as I start to do my pre-trip checklist which doesn’t even include starting to pack. One of the big things I have on this checklist is cleaning my house. I know there are some of you that are like me and you want to leave your house clean when you go on a vacation so that when you get home you walk into a clean house. Some of you always have your house clean so you may not relate to this. Don’t judge me- or do…I’m not the boss of you and you can feel how you feel. 😉

Anyway, I’ll start doing pre-trip stuff tomorrow. What are those things, you ask? Here’s most of it, in no particular order.

-Make sure any bills dues while I’m gone are paid
-Clean my house
-Wash everyone’s bedding
-Color my hair (because I apparently mostly only care about my grey hair showing when I go to Disney)
-Find all of my extra phone charging cables and decide how many I’m taking
-See how many more hours I need to squeeze in for work before I leave (I’m an independent contractor and don’t get paid time off, so I work extra ahead of time to balance out my time off)
-Do a hair treatment on my curly hair to try to help with the Florida humidity (it varies as to if it really helps)
-Throw random things I need in my suitcases hoping to not forget anything (like I forgot my MagicBand in May)
-Do all of the laundry
-Barely get any sleep

As crazy at it sounds, I don’t generally pack our bags until the night before we leave. It just works better for me. I’ll put some things in the suitcases as I think about it just so I don’t forget to pack them, but then the night before we leave I empty everything and organize everything as I add our clothes and toiletries, etc. The hardest part is that for this trip I’m limiting each of us to so many changes of clothes since we’ll have a washer and dryer in our Old Key West villa. The reason it’s hard is because I have way more shirts than my self imposed limit and I have to kind of last minute decide which ones to actually take.

Welp….I need to go work a couple of more hours before I go to bed. Hope to see you here again in the coming weeks when I post my trip report! °O°


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