A Day Late and a (Disney) Dollar Short

I was supposed to post yesterday, on Tuesday, but as I have mentioned in a previous post, my time management sucks…with big lips.

Lately, I’ve felt like so much has been going on. Mostly, it’s just things I’ve had to take care of for myself and my sons, but just the timing made it feel like too much was happening. My broken rib situation is much better, but I made the mistake of doing a lot of extra housework a couple of days ago and it left my side sore and painful where my rib is broken. Lesson learned.

On the bright side, I’m really close to getting some bigger debts paid off that I’ve been working towards paying. My two canceled Disney World trips for this month and next month actually helped with getting things paid off quicker. Even though paying the debt is more important than going to Disney World, I’m still left feeling bummed out that I won’t be getting to Disney World before this fall. #FirstWorldProblems

The thing is, if all goes as planned, I might be able to take a super short trip at the beginning of summer. I’m conflicted since logically it makes more sense to just wait until my planned trips in the fall, but I’m also really needing a Disney World fix to balance my semi-caotic life. It’s times like this when I wished I lived in the Orlando area or at least close enough to take a short drive to go to the parks for a day or two. Obviously, I know I’ll be fine if I don’t get to Disney until November but it sure would be great to go sooner.

Better late than never, right? °O°


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