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If you’ve been reading my recent blog posts then you know that three weeks ago I broke a rib while coughing. And if you haven’t been reading my blog posts, spoiler alert, three weeks ago I broke a rib while coughing. Since this happened, I haven’t been able to lay down because of the pain, so I’ve been sleeping sitting up on my sofa with my legs on an ottoman.

My pain has decreased a lot but because I’ve had a couple of moments where I slightly re-injured or exasperated my issue, I still haven’t been able to lay down comfortably, so I’ve still been sleeping sitting up on the sofa. Last night was the first time that I slept better in this position. That could just be because I’m so tired from not being able to sleep laying down and not getting good sleep, but I was so happy to have had a better night as far as sleep goes.

All of this is to say that I’m freaking tired and I’m lacking the motivation to write the post that I planned to write for today. So instead, I’m just adding some random pictures from Walt Disney World trips of years past. It’s kind of like an extended Cheat Day. Hopefully by next week I’ll be able to sleep in my bed again and have my originally planned post done by then!

For now, I present for your perusal:

A screenshot of just a small amount of the pictures I took of Wishes back in 2016. Perhaps I have a problem…
From 2016. I’m not even sure where this is or why I took it. It’s in sequence with pictures and video of when I was checking in at Pop Century but it seems more like it would be in Magic Kingdom or EPCOT.
2012- Back when Mitsukoshi in EPCOT’s Japan pavilion had an entire Hello Kitty section.
January 2021- Me documenting how there was no bus time for Hollywood Studios that morning from the Polynesian resort. The bus situation was horrible that trip.

Have a great day! °O°



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