Note to Self: You Should Buy the Merch

As you probably know, the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary celebration began October 1, 2021. The celebration activities are set to go on for 18 months, ending on March 31, 2023.

My last trip to Disney World was near the end of October 2021, and I originally told myself I was only going to buy a couple of things with the 50th celebration theme during that trip. I fully admit that because I have been able to go a few times a year lately, I haven’t really spent much money buying anything during my trips. I have seen a lot of 50th Anniversary merchandise that is really cute or nice, but because I have a history of collecting all of these Disney World items and not doing anything with them, I decided I only wanted a couple of things with the 50th theme on them.

In October, I had planned to get a 50th Anniversary pin, and see if I could find either a poster of some kind or a calendar. That was it. I decided not to bother with any shirts or bags or anything else. Well, once I was there, my knee was really bothering me and I got to the point where I didn’t even care about shopping at all so even when I did look inside a few of the shops, I didn’t bother to look for pins, calendars, or anything else. At the time, I had plans to visit again in February and April, so I told myself I’d shop for myself during those trips.

Ultimately, my February trip with a friend got pushed back to May, and my April trip with a different friend ended up getting canceled. No big deal since I just had four trips in 2021, but after I broke my rib a couple of weeks ago, I had to cancel the May trip too. Again, no big deal, but then my Disney World obsession kicked in and I was like, “Ummm…do you realize you won’t be going to Disney again until September?” I’ll admit I had a few days where I was wondering if I should plan a short trip at the beginning of June just to get my fix because I was pretending that my trips in September and then November were just too far away.

When I talked myself off of that Disney World ledge, I started thinking about how I didn’t buy my pin and calendar in October and what if the 50th merch wasn’t as available in September and November. Considering that the celebration runs through March 2023, that shouldn’t be the case at all, but still, in the back of my mind I’m worried about not being able to get them in the parks.

Plus, it hasn’t helped that I’ve been watching all kinds of Disney World trip vlogs and have seen a few t-shirts (and a handful of other items) that I like. Now I have to make sure I buy some of the merchandise that I want during one of my upcoming trips, but I also need to fight the urge to work in a short solo trip just to look for the 50th merch that I want. And as a weird side note, I realized that in October I didn’t take one picture of any of the 50th Anniversary signs or banners that are in the parks.

Don’t be like me! When you’re at Disney World you should go ahead and buy the merch and don’t wait because you expect to be back in a few months.

That is all. Carry on! °O°


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