Off Topic, Maybe

I actually had planned to post about something Disney World related today. I can hear someone now (telepathically) saying, “Ummm, Shandale,” (cuz that’s my name) “this blog is supposed to be about Disney World related stuff so I would hope that you were going to post about Disney World.”

Well, ok, you have a point. I guess I should have said I planned to post today. HOWEVER, last night I had a weird thing happen and I ended up spending almost 12 hours at the emergency room waiting to be seen, so I’ve decided to post briefly about that instead.

You see, I’ve had a cough for a few weeks (no, not covid related) and last week it got worse. I was coughing a lot and last night I coughed so much and so hard that I suddenly heard and felt a loud crack. There was intense pain for about 90 seconds and then it subsided, but I knew in that instance that I had just cracked a rib.

I’ve never broken a bone before (well, besides a toe but that was a different thing altogether) but knowing that I just cracked a rib kind of sent me into a mini-panic. I knew that it was the type of fracture/break that doctors can’t put a cast on but I also knew that a broken rib could possibly puncture my lung or another nearby organ so I decided I needed to talk to a doctor. I was able to get a teledoc appointment within about 10 minutes and the doctor I had the visit with didn’t seem concerned. In fact, he kind of made me feel like I was mistaken about my rib and he prescribed a cough medication and something for my allergies.

Well, I could tell that I had done some kind of damage and decided I was going to go ahead and go to the ER. None of the urgent care clinics were open near me and pretty much the only other option that took my health insurance was the regular ER. None of the stand alone emergency rooms would be covered under my plan. So, nearly 12 hours later, the doctor on call was able to confirm that the x-rays of my chest and rib cage showed that I had broken a rib. My #8 rib, to be exact.

By now, I was super sore and I was trying like crazy to not cough at all because it hurt each time I did so. I was able to get some pain medication and cough medicine as well and less than 24 hours later, I finally got some sleep and now I’m writing this post! I just feel it’s so like me to have broken a rib from coughing too much. It’s right up there with the time I pull my back while brushing my teeth.

Turns out that this is Disney World related after all. Because of the time frame that it will take for my rib to heal and because I have to make sure I don’t get pneumonia or further fracture my rib, I can’t go on the trip with one of my best friends that we planned for the beginning of May. So this is only kind of off topic, right?

Y’all be careful if you cough…. That’s all… °O°


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