My Disney World Favorite Moments of 2021- March

Last week I wrote about my favorite moments from my January 2021 Walt Disney World trip, so today I wanted to share my favorite moments from my second trip of 2021, which was in March. This trip was with my cousin and her wife and we visited March 21- 27, 2021. This trip had been rescheduled from April 2020 after The Great Unpleasantness happened and the world went into lockdown. Obviously the pandemic is and still was going on during this trip but to be honest, after my January trip, I was feeling comfortable with going back to Disney and I was looking forward to this trip.

Favorite Moment #1
The first thing I remember about this trip is how I was genuinely excited to go with 2 relative Disney World newbies! I don’t know why, but it’s fun for me to go with people who have never been or who haven’t been in a long time. My cousin hadn’t been since she was a kid and her wife had never been at all so it’s basically all new to both of them. It was just really nice to see their reactions to the parks, rides, shows, and the atmosphere.

Favorite Moment #2
My next favorite moment of this trip is that we stayed in a one bedroom villa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas- Jambo House. I have stayed in a regular room before at Jambo House and stayed in a Deluxe Studio at the Kidani Village side of the resort before, but for this visit we ended up getting a one bedroom villa. I’ll admit that part of the reason for the one bedroom villa is because after staying in a one bedroom at Saratoga Springs and a two bedroom at Old Key West, I realized that I prefer the extra space, full kitchen, and washer and dryer in the room, so I let my Disney World Snob out and went for the one bedroom at Animal Kingdom Jambo House.

View of part of the lobby at Animal Kingdom Lodge/Jambo House
The parking lot view wasn’t so bad because of the squirrels
Living room/dining area of our 1 bedroom at Jambo House

I know some people prefer Kidani Village, but I like Jambo House so much better and even though we had a parking lot view, the trees outside of our patio had lots of entertaining squirrels in them so it ended up being great for us.

Favorite Moment #3
My next favorite moment of this trip happened while me and my cousin were riding Tower of Terror. I always enjoy this ride and after waiting in what I think was the longest queue of the trip, she and I were pumped about the drops we were about to experience. I wish I had tried to take a picture or video on this ride (not really because I don’t want to lose my phone or camera) because right as the drops were starting, both my cousin and I saw something that made us pause and both say at the same time, “What was that?!”

If you’ve been on Tower of Terror, you know that a lot of the ride is in low light and once the elevator vehicle starts to drop, you mostly see light from outside when a few outside doors open. As we were about to drop for the first time, we both saw an outline of what looked like a man leaning up against a wall back in the shadows of the elevator shaft area. The drops happened too fast to see it again even though we must have passed that same spot at least two more times before the ride ended. We both left the ride laughing and super happy because we not only love Tower of Terror, but we saw something creepy and mysterious!

I will say that I haven’t completely figured out what this was that we saw, but this mystery will come up again during my June trip!

Favorite Moment #4
The last favorite moment of this March trip came when I met up briefly with someone who I became friends with after she messaged me from my YouTube channel. It was fun to be able to meet Dana and her daughter in person after months of chatting with her online! It was hot in EPCOT and I had my cousins waiting for me so I forgot to get a picture of us together, but it was really nice to talk to Dana and Mary Beth!

This trip definitely had lots of laughs and fun all week, which is always good! Next time, I’ll tell you about my favorite moments from my May/June trip! °O°


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