A Year Since My Year of Posts

So, a year ago today, I had this supposedly brilliant idea that I was going to post to my blog every day for a year. That was clearly too ambitious for me and it fell apart rather quickly. BUT, at least I did post more over the past year than I had in previous years, so I’m happy about that!

Today is my birthday as well as the anniversary of Walt Disney World’s Tower of Terror (in Disney’s Hollywood Studios), which is awesome because I love Tower of Terror so it feels like we share a birthday. Since I’m considering collecting Disney Parks pins a bit more aggressively than I have been, it made me think about how I need more Tower of Terror pins.

I haven’t decided on how I want to approach pin collecting since so far I mostly only have pins from some of the Disney resorts I’ve stayed at and then a few Stitch related pins because he’s one of my favorite characters, but I for sure want some pins of my most favorite rides. I can see that turning into me collecting pins of all the rides and that sounds like it’s going to get out of hand quickly. Ok, maybe not out of hand, but it’s just going to require me to get a good way to display my pins and I’m not great with organization of my collectibles.

Here’s the only Tower of Terror pin I have so far. It’s so cute and I love that Stitch is on it!

So now I’m going to spend the upcoming year until my next birthday collecting pins and organizing the collection somehow. And don’t be surprised if I buy pins and then only organize part of them. #sendhelp


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