First 5

Here’s another First 5 where I post the first 5 Disney World related images I see when I super scroll through my photos on my phone! Well, for this one, I only mini-scrolled through pictures from my trip in January 2021. °O°

This is the first time I actually took a picture of this door in Magic Kingdom

I can never have too many pictures of Tower of Terror

This was the social distancing solution on Disney World buses in January 2021

Waiting in line for Soarin’

The creepy way my picture came out during the interactive part of Spaceship Earth. 😳


  1. I never understand those creepy pictures on Spaceship Earth. I rarely see a good one. The technology actually seems a little dated now. I LOVE that shot of Tower of Terror. I’m really missing the parks right now. We’ve got two trips coming up this fall. I work on making special plans for them whenever I’ve got a few minutes. I always enjoy your First 5 posts. I never tire of looking at Disney photos. Have a magical day! -Andrea

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