March 2021 Disney World Trip Report- Part 8

Well, here it is! The final part of my March 2021 trip report. On our final full day at Disney World, we planned to spend the day at Disney Springs. Originally, the plan was to do a little shopping and to ride the Aerophile balloon. We also discussed whether or not we’d try to get in the virtual queue for Gideon’s Bakehouse. By the end of this week, Chastity’s feet were very sore and she had a painful blister on one foot.

This is when I was happy that I’d ended up walking and doing other exercise a few weeks before this trip. In January, I didn’t prepare for all the walking like I should have and I was sore and so tired every day. My main issue during the March trip is that my knee would start hurting sometimes even with my knee brace on. I feel like that part is partially because of my weight, but I was glad not to have my feet and legs be so sore like they were in January.

Anyway, all of this was to point out that with Chastity’s feet hurting her so much, we ended up not doing as much as we originally planned at Disney Springs. We got to Disney Springs around 11:30 that morning and we went to see how the line was at Aerophile but we found that it was closed at the time because the wind was too high. Since we had a late start that day, we decided to go ahead and get something to eat. Chicken Guy was close to where we were so we ended up eating there.

We all enjoyed our meals from Chicken Guy and then decided to start heading towards World of Disney since that was definitely one of the stores we wanted to go to. There was a short line to get into the store because of the capacity limit inside, but it moved almost completely non stop and we were inside in a few minutes time.

I love Stitch so this is my favorite part of the outside of the store

I didn’t buy anything during this trip since I have another trip coming up at the end of May and I decided to save my money to shop during that trip with my sons, nieces and nephew. After we were done at World of Disney, Sasha wanted to go to the Lego store. I used to spend a lot of time looking inside of the Lego store when my kids were young but I don’t buy anything anymore from there so I waited out near the store with Chastity while she went inside.

Once we left the Lego Store, we slowly made our way back to where Aerophile is to see if it was still closed. Along the way, the ladies stopped to buy some items for their dogs at a small kiosk/shop with pet items and we also looked to see how long the line was for Gideon’s Bakehouse. None of us was willing to wait for this place just to get cookies, so we went on towards Aerophile.

Aerophile was finally open but we didn’t end up riding it

When we first got there, it was still saying it was temporarily closed because of high winds. Sasha wanted to walk down a little further and since Chastity didn’t want to walk that way, I sat with her and we drank some water while Sasha walked down to the NBA Experience (which is still closed). By the time she returned, Aerophile was opening up but the line got about 15-20 people deep right away and Sasha and Chastity decided they didn’t want to stand in the line after all. They grabbed some snacks from a Churro kiosk and we decided to head to the car to go back to the room. We passed by Everglazed Donuts and Cold Brew on the way to the parking garage and we ducked in the very short line to get some donuts.

Once we were loaded up with some snacks, we left Disney Springs. Once back the room, we just relaxed and had a good time talking and watching TV for a while as we ate our snacks. We did venture out a bit down 192 before picking up dinner at fast food places that evening. The next morning, we drove back to the airport to drop off the rental car and fly back home.

This trip ended up being different for me only because I just went along with whatever Sasha and Chastity wanted to do. There were several rides that I would have normally gone on but they didn’t want to do, and that was fine since I know I’ll be back and I wanted them to do what they felt like doing on this trip. Even though the parks were busier than when I went in January 2021, I found that the wait for rides was not as bad as it seemed. Even Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom only got up to around a little over an hour while we were there that week (but we didn’t ride it…I was just looking at the wait time on the app).

I’m expecting the crowds to be about the same at the end of May/beginning of June when I go next, but for that trip, I’ll be in the parks with my sons, my nieces, one of their friends, and my nephew. Almost all of them like to ride as much as possible so I’ll be riding everything I want (unless if breaks down, of course). My nephew is the youngest at 16 and my son is the oldest of the “kids” at 23, so that means we can all do our own thing if we want.

I still enjoyed my March trip, though! I was fun being in the parks with my cousin Sasha and her wife, and now they want to visit Disney World again and also they plan to go to Disneyland when they are able to go. °O°


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