March 2021 Disney World Trip Report- Part 7

Look! I’m finally back with the next installment of my March 2021 trip report! In the last part, we visited Magic Kingdom and then basically just hung out at the resort that evening after we got done. For this part, we were up and slowly getting ready to go to Animal Kingdom. This day was our shortest time spent in the parks, and not just because it’s Animal Kingdom. I really like going to Animal Kingdom and even when I do all of the rides and shows that I want to see, I get done early compared to the other parks. For this trip, since I was letting my cousin Sasha and her wife Chastity choose what they wanted to do, we spent even less time in the park for the day.

Neither of them had any interest in seeing Pandora- The World of Avatar so we didn’t even go into Pandora at all. Yes, I did tell them how much I like Pandora and how I absolutely love riding Flight of Passage, but they were not interested so we did not step foot in Avatar land… It’s like that saying…you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him swim…or is it drink? I think it’s drink… In any case, I led them…they did not drink. But they did want to do Kilimanjaro Safaris so off to Africa we went!

This is only as close as we got to Pandora…

I don’t even remember how long the queue for Kilimanjaro Safaris was listed as, but we just walked the long queue all the way to the front and got going right away! We arrived probably around 20 minutes after the park opened, which was early enough to see the lions hanging out during the safari, but too late to have heard them doing their morning roar.

They seemed to be looking right at our safari truck as it passed
But JK, they were looking at some rhinos that were near by

I always take soooooo many pictures during the safari so I told myself not to take a bunch this time since I took a ton of pictures during my January trip. But these rhinos got really close to our truck. It doesn’t look like it, but they were closer than they look here.

These are the same rhinos that the lions were keeping an eye on

And how could I not take a picture of the baby elephant? Baby animals are so cute!

After we got done with the safari, we did a little shopping and ended up getting come cookies as a morning snack, but then it was time to head towards Asia to get in the short line for Expedition Everest. But we took some time to appreciate the theming of the Africa area.

Then on to Expedition Everest! I love this ride. The wait time was showing as 25 minutes but the line was moving very steadily so we pretty much just walked the entire queue straight to the ride without stopping.

On the way to Expedition Everest (coming from Africa)

Once we finished Expedition Everest, we doubled back to go watch the UP! A Great Bird Adventure. I’ve never watched this before and I guess it normally or used to feature Doug and Russell from the movie but what we watched didn’t have any of the UP! characters. It was a fun show and I liked seeing the different birds and all that, but I doubt I’d make this a regular occurrence.

These statues are actually near Expedition Everest
Part of the UP! A Great Bird Adventure show

After the bird show, the ladies looked at the list of attractions in My Disney Experience and they decided they’d like to go watch It’s Tough to Be a Bug. I haven’t watched this in a while and it’s another that I don’t really bother to see anymore but I went with them to watch it. This was the longest queue of the day and I wouldn’t have ever waited this long for this show otherwise but if I hadn’t gone with them I probably would have just been sitting somewhere waiting so at least this way I was with them talking and making memories with the goofy things we discussed and did.

Once we were done there, we decided to get something to eat. We ended up eating at Restaurantosaurus in the Dinoland area of the park. Once again, it was burgers and chicken nuggets because 2 out of 3 of us are not adventurous eaters (I’m one of the 2). It always feels so much hotter in Animal Kingdom for some reason and we weren’t able to find a table in the shade so once we finished eating, we were hot and all the walking from the week was starting to catch up to us.

A view from Dinoland U.S.A.
And another…

Sasha and Chastity didn’t want to ride Dinosaur or anything else, to be honest, but Sasha had loved Expedition Everest and the wait time was showing to be 35 minutes so she decided she wanted to ride it one more time before we left the park. When we got back to Everest, the line moved quickly once again and we were able to get on the ride in about 15 minutes or so.

One last picture from Expedition Everest when we entered the queue the second time!

We headed back once again to our room at Animal Kingdom Villas Jambo House and the rested for a while before taking a short ride around the area. There’s one last non-park day and we planned to go to Disney Springs. I’ll tell you all about it in a couple of days! °O°


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