March 2021 Disney World Trip Report- Part 5

It’s time for our third park day of this trip! On Wednesday, March 24, 2021, we went to Magic Kingdom! We arrived at the Ticket and Transportation center probably at about the time that Magic Kingdom was officially opening and we decided to take the ferry over to the park since the monorail line was so long. If I had taken any pictures of the ferry ride over, I’d insert them here, but apparently I did no such thing. I thought I did but I think I’m mixing up my January trip with this one since I took pictures from the ferry in January.

I could already tell that Magic Kingdom was going to be busier than the other two parks we already visited, but that’s just how it is normally anyway. Right after we entered the park, Mickey and Friends were up in the train station area greeting guests. I don’t really care that much about seeing characters all the time but I knew Sasha and Chastity would enjoy seeing them, so it was great that the characters came down the steps right after we walked in. We enjoyed an up close and almost personal view!

The ride that Sasha and Chastity wanted to make sure to ride at Magic Kingdom was Haunted Mansion, and since the wait time was showing in the My Disney Experience app as only 10 minutes, we decided to head there first. Of course, we had to take the obligatory pictures of Cinderella Castle along the way.

The Partners statue in front of Cinderella Castle
Sasha & Chastity in front of Cinderella Castle

Haunted Mansion is definitely one of my favorite rides so it was great that we were able to basically just walk onto the ride. The line was very quick to move and since the pre-ride show is not being done because of COVID safety precautions, we walked on through and got into our Doom Buggies in no time at all. This is a good time to admit that I apparently had no idea where the ride photo for this ride was taken. I guess I always assumed it was near the end of the ride, but it’s actually near the beginning of the ride as demonstrated by my ride photo where I only had my phone out to get video of the portraits on the wall of the hallway in the beginning. I feel like I “ruined” all of my ride photos during this trip one way of the other.

Me, not thinking the ride photo was happening yet.

After visiting the Happy Haunts at Haunted Mansion, we decided to move on to Fantasyland since the ladies didn’t want to wait for the longer line of Splash Mountain and they weren’t that interested in doing Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. So after a stop at the Tangled themed bathroom area, we ended up in line for It’s a Small World.

I’m going to take a moment to acknowledge that it was beginning in this queue that we started to have the people behind us in lines getting really close and cozy with us. And I’m not even one to worry that I’m going to get COVID just because strangers are less than 6 feet away from me, but in almost every line from here on out in Magic Kingdom, we had people ignore the social distancing markers and get way too close to us. I’m talking about so close that some of them were stepping on the back of our shoes, rubbing up against one or more of us while stopped in line, the back of one lady’s hand was brushing up against my hand, and at one point, someone was in direct contact with my rear end for 3-5 seconds causing me to look at them to determine if it was intentional (it wasn’t…one was a little kid but their parents just made them move and trade places with the kid so then the mom’s arm was rubbing on me instead 😐). None of us wanted to be confrontational in line, but we did give plenty of annoyed looks at people behind us and I would mention that we were now apparently a party of 7 instead of 3.

Cast Members even thought on two different occasions that the people behind us were in our party because they were so close to us. I don’t like when strangers are this close behind me in general, even before the pandemic. But we really only had this be a constant problem at Magic Kingdom and for whatever reason, all of the people involved were annoyed that we were annoyed with them being right up against one of us in lines. It’s a Small World, but not THAT small. Back up, please! Rant over.

After It’s a Small World, we went ahead and got in line for Peter Pan. I don’t dislike this ride, but I hardly ever ride it but now I’ve been on it twice this year. In January, the Cast Member didn’t do the thing where they use Pixie Dust to move the safety bar into place and I didn’t care. This trip, the Cast Member “sprinkled” some Pixie Dust, snapped her fingers, and my safety bar closed “magically.” I caught myself smiling so big at this and ended up appreciating that she did this even though it was just me alone (as in, with no kids) in the ride vehicle. Sometimes it’s the little things that make me happy.

After Peter Pan, we walked a bit before ending up at the cusp of Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. We decided to ride Tomorrowland Speedway before we had lunch. I don’t remember the people behind us getting too close to us in this line, but I did end up getting hit from behind twice when I was in my speedway car, but it might have been a kid that didn’t know how to control the car enough to avoid hitting me. I didn’t look to see and it really didn’t matter.

While in the queue for Tomorrowland Speedway
Space Mountain in the background…spoiler alert…we didn’t ride Space Mountain

After we were done here, we ended up placing our mobile order for lunch at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe. Nope, I didn’t take pictures of our food because it was just burgers and chicken nuggets and I guess it doesn’t seem like that warrants a picture.

Well friends, I’m going to stop here for today and finish our day in Magic Kingdom in the next post in a few days! I’m starting to see that I want to document my upcoming May/June trip better than I did this one. Anyway, have a great day! See ya here in a few days! °O°


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