March 2021 Disney World Trip Report- Part 4

Time to continue my trip report! By now, it’s Tuesday, March 23, 2021 and we headed to EPCOT for the day! You might have already figured this out, but we didn’t do any park hopping during this trip.

We arrived at EPCOT a few minutes after the park opened (which was 11a.m.) and since riding Frozen Ever After was a priority for Sasha and Chastity, we decided to go ahead and head to the Norway pavilion to get it line for that ride. Obviously, I took a ton of pictures along the way. Here are just a few of them:

The wait time for Frozen Ever After was shown as 35 minutes but the line moved super fast and we made it onto the ride in about 20 minutes. I’m fine with Frozen but it’s not a favorite, plus, I’m fascinated by Vikings and Norway in general, so I liked this ride better when it was Maelstrom.

We were on the last row of the boat so the divider screens Disney installed made seeing the stuff in the ride a different experience for me.

Once we got off of the ride, we looked around in the gift shop for a bit and then went into the stave church. Sorry Frozen fans, but I was very happy to see that the Frozen themed exhibit was gone from inside the church. I really like seeing the Gods of the Vikings exhibit!

I love that this troll has been here for so long!
Carving of Freya on a tree in the middle of the church

After we finished in the Norway pavilion, we backtracked and went back to Mexico and then visited each of the other pavilions in World Showcase. We stopped in The American Adventure and had lunch at Regal Eagle Smokehouse. I also stopped and got my favorite snack (caramel popcorn) at Karamell-Küche in the Germany Pavilion but I since you’re not allowed to walk and eat snacks at the same time, I only ate a few handfuls before we moved on to the next pavilion. Here’s one picture I took from each pavilion…you know, just because.

Mexico Pavilion
China Pavilion
The Miniature Train Village of the Germany Pavilion
Italy Pavilion

The American Adventure
Japan Pavilion
Morocco Pavilion
The Remy Topiary in the France Pavilion
The United Kingdom Pavilion
Canada Pavilion

While we were in the Canada pavilion, I was able to meet up with a new friend! Dana watches my videos on YouTube and mentioned previously that she’d like to meet up in the parks if possible so we made plans to meet at sometime during our EPCOT day! It was really nice to meet her and her family, and I promise that even though I forgot to take a picture with her, I really did meet her. We’re going to try to meet to have lunch or dinner during my May trip since she’s local to the Orlando area.

Once we were done at World Showcase, we headed to Future World. Sasha and Chastity weren’t interested in going to The Land pavilion or riding Soarin’ or Living With the Land.

I know, I know….I passed out momentarily too! 😉

Just kidding! I knew going into this trip that I was going to let them do or don’t do whatever they wanted since it was a trip meant for them to enjoy. Plus, like I told them, I’ll be going back to Disney World again this year so I can ride what I want during that/those trip(s).

Anyway, once we were in Future World West, they decided they wanted to ride Journey Into Imagination With Figment. We saw Joy from Inside Out frolicking in the grass near the Imagination Pavilion but I didn’t get a picture mostly because I have never even watched Inside Out so I’m indifferent about Joy. 🤷‍♀️ But the ride was still fun because I like Figment!

Once we were done here, we decided to check out the Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival which is right next to the exit of the Imagination Pavilion. I had never gone into this theater in the nearly 6 years that this has been in EPCOT. They show 3 short films: Get A Horse, Feast, and Piper. They were cute, but I wasn’t wowed or anything. It was a nice little break from the heat, though!

From there, we headed to ride The Seas with Nemo & Friends. We looked at parts of the aquarium area after the ride and then the ladies were ready to go to ride Test Track since that was the last attraction they were interested in. Sasha informed me that Spaceship Earth was boring to her so Chastity wasn’t interested in riding it.

Yes, I almost passed out again. But I tightened up my knee brace and we traversed the construction walls to get over to Future World East and got in line for Test Track. I actually don’t remember how long the wait time was for this but it moved pretty quickly. I think it may have been around 40 minutes for us to get to the ride vehicles.

The Design Studio in the Test Track Queue was not in use and we just walked past the monitors in this room.

After Test Track, we decided to head back to our room. Even without doing all of the rides, we had a really fun time at EPCOT! I had to enjoy the rest of my Karamell-Küche caramel popcorn back in the room, which was fine, but I really love being able to snack on it as I walk around EPCOT.

That’s it for the EPCOT day! My trip report continues in a couple of days! °O°


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