March 2021Disney World Trip Report- Part 3

At the end of part 2 of this trip report, Sasha, Chastity, and I had just finished riding Slinky Dog Dash in the Toy Story Land area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If you missed parts 1 and 2, definitely go back a few entries and check those out!

Anyway, after getting off of Slinky Dog Dash, I checked the My Disney Experience app and saw that our boarding group for Rise of the Resistance had been called so we headed through the back entrance to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. I don’t know if it’s really considered the “back entrance” to Galaxy’s Edge, but it’s the way you get to it from Toy Story Land.

Map of the walkway from Toy Story Land to Galaxy’s Edge- What I refer to as the back entrance.

Sasha and Chastity were excited to look around Galaxy’s Edge but we just walked through and went almost straight to the entrance of Rise of the Resistance. This was the second time I’ve been able to experience this attraction and it was even better this time than the first! I really like it!

Once we were done, Sasha and Chastity wanted to walk around the area a bit but they decided against getting in line for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run because it’s a simulator kind of ride and they didn’t really think they’d like it. That was fine with me since I was able to ride this in 2019 and then again during my January 2021 trip.

Here’s a short video of the little bit of Galaxy’s Edge from my 2021 trips:

Once we were done at Galaxy’s Edge, we decided to have lunch. Based on what each of us would eat and the immediate availability of time slots for mobile ordering food, we ended up eating at Rosie’s All-American Café. We didn’t have anything fancy. Since Rosie’s was close to Tower of Terror, Sasha and I decided to get in the line for it.

This is definitely one of my top favorite attractions. The posted wait time was 55 minutes but we ended up waiting about and hour and 15 minutes but it was worth it! Sasha wanted to ride Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster but she opted to skip it because of the long wait time and the single rider line wasn’t being used.

After Tower of Terror, we wandered around the park a bit and ended up getting a snack near where the Indiana Jones Stunt Show Spectacular takes place. The show hasn’t opened back up yet but the amphitheater is a designated Comfort Station where guests can sit and take off their masks and take a break or eat a snack. We grabbed our snacks and then sat here to eat them.

After I made a mess trying to eat some cookies and cream funnel cake and drinking my root beer float (yep…I had both. Don’t even care if you judge me), we decided to go get in line for Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. On the way there, we were able to see a couple of character cavalcades!

The Disney Junior cavalcade was still fun to watch but I haven’t watched Disney Junior shows in years and I only recognized Doc McStuffins, which is weird because my kids never watched that. It was kind of past their Disney Junior shows time…

I had no idea who Fancy Nancy was…
I think I just saw commercials for Doc McStuffins back in the day…
I vaguely remember Vampirina because of when I babysat for a friend and her daughter watched an episode.

Then we got in line for Minnie & Mickey’s yada yada train thing. I mean, Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. Why does the name of this always seem so long? It’s a cute ride and I admit I actually like it, even though I had doubts that I would like it before I rode it the first time in January.

Once we were done here, Sasha and Chastity did a little shopping while I went to a Photo Pass station to find out why my ride photos never showed up in my account. After we were all done here, I suggested that we take Disney Skyliner to Disney’s Caribbean Beach resort and back to Hollywood Studios just to let Sasha and Chastity have the experience of riding the Skyliner since we had a car and probably wouldn’t ride this otherwise. Is that weird? Just kidding! That was a rhetorical question, it’s not weird. 😉

I didn’t take any pictures or video from the Skyliner. Or rather, I thought I was taking video during the ride, but turns out I hadn’t hit the record button. I wish I could say that was the only time this happened during this trip. Oops.

Once we got back to Hollywood Studios via Disney Skyliner, we went ahead and went back to our room at Animal Kingdom Villas Jambo House. We just hung out in the room and relaxed the rest of the day. With our next park day being at EPCOT, we knew we wouldn’t get up very early since EPCOT didn’t open until 11a.m.

I’ll be back with part 4 in a couple of days! °O°


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  1. That sounds like an excellent day! I have the same problem with the Disney Junior characters. My kids are all teens, so I don’t recognize some of the characters from newer shows.

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