My Next Disney Trip

I’ll be back at Walt Disney World next week for the trip with my cousin that was canceled last year because of the beginning of the pandemic. I’m actually glad I ended up going on the solo trip in January because now I feel better prepared for this trip. I’m not just talking about the masks and social distancing part either, although I’m glad to know that wearing the mask all the time ended up not being as bad as I originally thought it was going to be. But that January trip showed me how out of shape I was and I took time to exercise more leading up to this trip so I think I’ll do better with all of the walking this time.

It’s still Spring Break month at the theme parks, but I think the crowds will still be way better than the last time that I went to Disney World during my sons’ spring break. Disney has extended the park hours some for all of the parks so that’s going to help us be able to get more done. Plus, I’ve been checking out the wait times this week and see that the late afternoons and evenings have had lower attraction wait times. I love going to the parks in the evenings so I think this will work out well for us!

I’m so excited but also kind of nervous at the same time. My cousin and her wife are about 15 years younger than me so I may not be able to keep up with them the entire time. That’s fine, since I can just sit down and have a snack or people watch if I want to, or even go back to the room (a value 1 bedroom at Animal Kingdom Villas Jambo House), but I also want to be able to hang out with them since they are even more excited about going. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I love going to the parks with newbies or anyone who hasn’t been in a while.

This trip is definitely going to be more about what they want to do and they pretty much want to do as much as possible. It’s been so long since I’ve tried to “do it all” during a Disney World vacation. And even though it’s really not possible to do it all with only 4 park days scheduled, they’re going to do as much as they can and I’m going to try to keep up with them as much as I can.

I’m partially packed and I’m getting my usual pre-trip anxiety where I start worrying that I’m going to forget something. It definitely won’t be my hair brush after I forgot it in January and had to buy a tiny brush that was kind of hard to use with my long, curly, humidity stricken hair. On the up side, I’m renting a car once we get to the Orlando airport, so if I do forget something, I can go to a local store to get it.

Ok, I guess I’ll get ready to go to bed now, even though I’m kind of wound up thinking about this trip and I might not be able to go to sleep for a while. I’d think that was weird but I have heard from other people that they have a similar experience in the days leading to their Disney trips. I’m just so ready to go back! °O°


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