Overweight at Disney World

In December I wrote about how I was going to get more active in order to train for Disney World. I was mostly thinking about my trip coming up in March, but I ended up going to Walt Disney World for 5 nights last week and found that my training that I’ve done so far did not help me at all.

As I mentioned in that past post, I am very overweight and out of shape. From that time around the beginning of December, I ended up doing some kind of exercise 3 days a week. Let me tell you that at home, I was feeling a bit better and found that I wasn’t having as much trouble getting up from my desk when I was working or going up and down the few steps outside of my house. So I feel like I made some kind of progress, but it did absolutely nothing for me as far as walking around Disney World.

I found myself huffing and puffing with all the walking in the parks in exactly the way that I didn’t want to experience. One of my friends said it was probably because of having to wear a mask, but really, I think it’s just because 3 days a week of exercise was not quite enough training during the 7 or 8 weeks prior to this trip. By Wednesday, I was not huffing and puffing so much but my legs were so sore. I got home Friday and today was the first day that my legs felt better. It was a wake up call for sure.

The rides at Disney World weren’t a problem, except for anything that made me bend my knees too much because of my knee issues, but all the walking was so hard with me being overweight. I definitely knew this would happen but I also thought that the exercise I had been doing would have helped more. Now I have about 7 weeks or so until my next trip and I know I have to do a lot more to prepare.

Hopefully, by the time I go to Disney again in March, I will be in better shape and will have lost some weight to help me with the walking during the visit. All I know is that I don’t recommend being out of shape and overweight at Disney World. °O°


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