Don’t Forget A Brush

I arrived at Walt Disney World yesterday. This morning when I was getting ready to shower and get dressed, I realized I forgot one thing. When I was packing for my trip, I checked and double checked that I had packed all that I needed even though I kept feeling like I was missing something. And this morning I figured out what I was missing. My hair brush.

I have long, naturally curly hair that tangles like crazy. I use a paddle brush to detangle my hair when it’s wet because it works the best for my hair and it’s faster than using a wide toothed comb. Anywho… when I noticed that I left my brush at home, I was like, “Well self, you’re going to have to buy a new brush while your here and it’s probably going to be nearly $20.”

I flew here and did not rent a car and I’m not going to pay for an Uber to take me to get a $5 brush at Walmart or Target or something. So I started trying to figure out where I could buy a brush or even a comb that would work for this week. I was at Magic Kingdom today and found that the Cast Members could only suggest the Forky brush in the kid’s section of The Emporium or similar. It probably would have worked fine but I also felt like the arms on this brush were going to cause a problem, and I also didn’t want to spend $16.99 or more for this brush that I didn’t plan to use again after this week.

So, I ended up looking at Moana Mercantile here at Disney’s Polynesian resort and found a small $5 brush. I returned to my studio room and went ahead and washed my hair and the $5 brush worked even though it took a little longer since it is way smaller than I normally use. There may be other brush options somewhere else (like World of Disney at Disney Springs may have something good, or another shop at Disney Springs), but I was tired and I wasn’t going to go anywhere else to look for a brush.

Every once in a while, I’ve forgotten something on a trip, but it seems like forgetting my hair brush for this trip presented a new challenge for me. I bet I don’t ever forget my brush again. °O°


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