Never Have I Ever

I’ve been working on my plan to re-ride my One and Done attractions at Walt Disney World and I realized there are also some things I’ve never ridden or seen. There are areas that I’ve walked by and glanced at but never walked through to take a better look.

Here’s my list of attractions or things I’ve never done at Disney World (in no particular order):

TriceraTop Spin– This one is like Dumbo, only with dinosaurs. It’s in Disney’s Animal Kingdom park

photo from Disney World’s website

Walk through the rest of the Germany Pavilion– I visit Karamell-Küche all the time but I realized I’ve never walked through or looked at the rest of the Germany Pavilion almost at all. I don’t know why, but I just haven’t. Maybe because since there’s not an actual ride there, I didn’t think it was worth it?

Walk through the France Pavilion– I may have seen Impressions de France in the France Pavilion back in the day, but I don’t remember. If it was one of those Circle Vision shows, I either didn’t do it at all or forgot about it because those used to make me so sick. After watching the ones in Canada and China, I may have skipped Impressions de France altogether. In any case, I have never taken time to walk around this pavilion and look at the shops or anything other than by the entrance.

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor– I thought about going to this show a few times, and someone told me you stood up the entire time and I decided I wasn’t down for that. But also, it doesn’t seem that interesting to me so when I looked it up and saw that you do actually end up sitting in a theater, I still didn’t make any moves to watch this show. I’ll probably enjoy it. It’s not open right now because of COVID anyway, but maybe one day I’ll check it out.

another image from Disney World’s website

Tom Sawyer Island– I could be wrong about this one but I’m pretty sure I’ve never done Tom Sawyer Island. So many times I wanted to do this and I either forgot or when I remembered, my kids were tired and didn’t want to get in line to wait for it, or something. I know I’ve seen parts of it from the Liberty Square Riverboat, but I really don’t think I’ve actually ever done this. I used to want to try it and find a paint brush because they supposedly gave guests an extra Fast Pass or something for finding the hidden paint brushes.

Walt Disney Presents– Didn’t this just used to be called One Man’s Dream, or something like that? I really don’t remember because this seemed like a boring attraction to me. Now I’m at the age where I want to check it out and I regret not visiting this before. I also heard you can ask to become an Honorary Disney Historian here, and I hope they are still doing this because I want to do this quiz!

Gaston’s Tavern– I’ve eaten at Be Our Guest, but I’ve never had the desire to even go check out Gaston’s Tavern. Just to look at it, even. I don’t know why. But now that I’ve thinking of things I’ve never done, I’m all about checking it out, even if I don’t actually get any food from here.

There are probably other things I can add to this list, but I should probably get back to my job instead of obsessing about these things I’ve never done at Disney World. But I plan to check a lot of these things off of my list soon! °O°


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