I Wish I Was Crafty

I sometimes look at the things people create and make for themselves or to sell and I wonder why I don’t have the talent or patience to make some of these things. I’m just not very crafty. I once made a Disney World themed item for a Disney Box Swap with someone and though it turned out fine, I found that my patience with the process was very low. I don’t know why I’m like this.

One of the closest things to being crafty that I’ve ever done…

I have been wanting a couple of custom celebration buttons made for my upcoming trip in March and I’m realizing it’s probably not that difficult to do (maybe). But I already know it’s way easier for me to find someone who can make what I want instead. Plus, I can look for a laid off/furloughed Disney Cast Member who is trying to make some money doing stuff like this with their side hustle while they’re out of work.

There’s a Facebook group called Ear for Each Other that lets furloughed Cast Members post their business/Etsy/eBay, etc. and people can support them by using their services. I’m definitely gonna check it out and see if someone can make what I want. I found a template that shows me how to make a button myself and I have photo editing software, but I’m worried that after I bother to buy the DIY buttons to make them myself, I’m gonna mess something up and then get frustrated.

Maybe the best thing to do is just get the free buttons Disney offers at the parks and resorts. It’s my understanding that they are still offering them during these pandemic times, but I’ll feel dumb if I rely on that in March and they aren’t handing them out. Now I’m just overthinking this… °O°


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