Less Disney World Planning Feels Weird

Before I tell you what I’m about to tell you, I want to say that there were several years in my Disney World vacation planning days that I went all out with planning my trips. And by that, I mean I planned as many details as possible. I planned the times we would wake up, leave the room, get to the parks, ate snacks, ate lunch, took a break, and I even roughly planned when bathroom breaks would be. That last one didn’t always work out, but I always planned time to try to get my kids to use the bathroom just to keep my park touring plan on time. I evolved over the years and now I’m not very rigid with my planning.

Having said all that, I’m finding that the reduced hours, unavailable experiences, and no FastPass+ being offered is making me feel like I can’t plan enough for my trip. There is still planning involved, but just not as much as I’m used to. I’ll be visiting Walt Disney at the end of this month and for some reason, I just thought about how EPCOT and Hollywood Studios open later in the morning (11am and 10am, respectively). Even without a strict park touring plan, I’ve always gotten up early and gotten to the park as close to rope drop as possible. Obviously, I can still plan to do that, but for those 11am and 10am opening days, I don’t have to get up as early and it feels weird.

I’m not complaining. I definitely could benefit from not getting up early every day of my Disney vacation, but now I’m thinking I’m going to get up early anyway (because I’m used to getting up early daily to walk my dog) and do stuff like walk around the resort I’m staying at and/or chill on the balcony and just be lazy for a bit before heading to the park. I don’t usually carve out a lot of time to just do nothing when I’m at Disney World. I think my trips this year are going to be so different from my past trips and that’s ok! I’m excited for the “new” experience.

My Disney World visits are evolving again because of the changes due to the pandemic. I think the next level would be for the changes in visiting the parks as a local who lives in the Orlando area. Hmm…I wonder when that will happen? °O°


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