A Year Without Disney World

It’s been quiet here on my blog lately but I’m fighting my way back to posting more! This morning I thought (again) about how early November marked a year since I last went to Disney World. It’s been quite a while since I went an entire year without going to Disney and maybe it’s because this time I wasn’t able to go because of the pandemic, but I’m not freaking out like I thought I’d be.

I’ll chalk it up to being an adultier adult than I used to be. Ten years ago, I lost my long time job (a place where I’d worked for more than 13 years) and had to cancel my Walt Disney World vacation for that year. I am only partially exaggerating when I tell you that having to call Disney to cancel that reservation brought me to my knees. I was super bummed out as I made that call and when the Cast Member asked if I wanted to just postpone the trip and have him look for new dates, I slowly started to melt away and I was beginning to do that shaky voice one gets when they’re about to cry. I was kind of embarrassed to be crying on the phone like that so I tried to hold it together long enough to get the trip canceled and get off of the phone, but once I ended that call, I cried a million tears.

I’m pretty sure I mentioned in a past blog post that my kids cared 0% that the trip had to be canceled which made me even sadder, and I spent an unacceptable amount of time crying and moping around the rest of that day. But now, in 2020, I was only mildly annoyed (which just seems weird). Is it because my 2020 trips were canceled because of Covid? Is it because I’ve been able to go more often the past several years? Is it because I plan to go several times in 2021? It’s probably a combination of everything, but if some weird thing happens and I go two years without being able to visit Disney World…I might find out that I’m not really as adulty as I think I am. °O°


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