Ranking the Disney Resorts I’ve Stayed At

Things have been crazy for me lately and I’m wishing I was at Disney World even more than usual right now. I actually just posted a video about the Walt Disney World resorts I’ve stayed at and then ranked them from least to most favorite, but I decided to create a post here with that same information!

Every once in a while, I have people ask me what Disney World resort they should stay at and ask me which is my favorite. I haven’t stayed at all of the resorts yet, and I like different things about the different resorts I’ve stayed at so it’s hard to pick a favorite. As for where someone should stay…that depends on a lot of different things. Like the size of your travel party, your budget, how much time you plan to be in the room, which amenities you find most important…the list goes on and on. 

I stayed at the Value Resorts for most of my earlier trips, but my very first visit was a family gathering with ten people and we stayed in my aunt and uncle’s travel trailer at the campgrounds at Fort Wilderness. I was 11 at the time so that was all kinds of magical and amazing! I’m not into camping anymore so I probably will never stay at the campground sites again. 

I’ve stayed in all of the Value Resorts which are All Star Sports, All Star Music, All Star Movies, Pop Century, and Art of Animation. The campsites at Ft Wilderness fall under the value category too. 

Pop Century became my favorite of the Value Resorts, but I haven’t stayed there since the refurbishment and though it looks really cool, I like being able to have the use of the table and chairs, and with the new Murphy beds they have, you lose the table when that bed is in use. The room at Art of Animation was a Lion King Family Suite, which was pretty cute and offered more space than a regular room.

The Moderate resorts I’ve stayed at so far are Coronado Springs and the Cabins at Fort Wilderness. I think Coronado Springs is a beautiful resort but I’m less of a fan of how spread out it is. I prefer the Cabins at Fort Wilderness so far because if you have your own car, you can park right at your cabin and it makes for a shorter trip inside after a long day at the parks. This resort is really big too so if you don’t have your own car, you have some extra walking to go to and from the bus stops to get to the parks and Disney Springs but my family really enjoys the cabins!

As for the Deluxe resorts, I’ve only stayed at one regular deluxe room, which was at Animal Kingdom Lodge. I loved this resort! It’s beautiful and the savannah view we had was so nice and relaxing! 

I’ve also stayed at some of the deluxe villas. I stayed at Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary. This was so awesome! We had a lake view room but we were able to watch fireworks from the walkway leading to the Contemporary one time, which was nice. 

I also stayed in a studio at Boulder Ridge. This one is next to Wilderness Lodge so it was amazing walking through the gorgeous lobby of Wilderness Lodge and then also in the smaller lobby entrance of Boulder Ridge. I really enjoyed that studio but I found the walk from the buses and parking lot to be really long once we went back to the room after going to the parks. 

I’m just always realizing how long of a walk it is to some rooms at the end of the night when I’m so tired. 

Anyway, I’ve stayed in studios at both Animal Kingdom Villas….both Jambo House and Kidani Village. Both of these resorts are really nice, but I’m less of a fan of Kidani Village just because I got turned around more than once in both the parking garage and the hallways and walked the wrong way before realizing I made a wrong turn. Just the layout of Kidani Village is what bothers me a little so I prefer Jambo House between the two. (Or maybe I’m just directionally challenged and Kidani beat me…)

I’ve stayed in a 1 bedroom villa at Saratoga Springs. This was about a year before the rooms were refurbished, I think, but I really loved it here! We drove that year and it was so nice being able to park in front of the building where our room was and since this was the first 1 bedroom I stayed in, it was more spacious, had a full kitchen, washer, and dryer in the room and we had a nice view from the balcony. 

And then finally, I’ve stayed in a 2 bedroom villa at Old Key West. I absolutely loved this villa! It had so much room and even though most of the buildings don’t have elevators, we had a ground floor villa and the parking was right in front of our room. It really worked out really well for us on that trip.

I really have liked staying in all of the resorts we’ve stayed in but if I have to rank these from least favorite to favorite, I think it would be like this:

 (Starting from least favorite) 

15. All Star Sports

14. All Star Music

13. All Star Movies

12. Art of Animation Lion King Suite

11. Pop Century

10. Coronado Springs

9. Campsites at Fort Wilderness

8. Animal Kingdom Villas Studio- Kidani Village

7. Animal Kingdom Lodge

6. Cabins at Fort Wilderness

5. Boulder Ridge Villas Studio

4. Animal Kingdom Villas Studio- Jambo House

3. Saratoga Springs 1 bedroom villa

2. Bay Lake tower studio villa

1. Old Key West 2 bedroom villa

Once I’m able to visit some of the other Disney World resort hotels, I’m sure this list will change a little bit but this is where I rank these as of now. Hopefully, I will eventually stay in a room at each of the resorts! °O°


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