Disney World and the Apocalypse

This may seem random, but since I like zombie apocalypse movies and shows, or any apocalypse related movies/shows, I actually think about this pretty regularly. I think Disney World could be a great place to ride out an apocalypse. I’m pretty sure a lot of Walt Disney World and Disneyland fans have thought about it too.

Assuming that most of Disney World property is not destroyed in an apocalyptic situation, there would be a lot of cool places to hide out and live there. If things follow the course of shows and movies, there won’t be any electricity, but I wouldn’t expect to be riding any rides at that time. There definitely would be ride breakdowns if there was still electricity and I’d assume no Cast Members are going to be hanging out trying to get rides going anyway.

In my mind, I’d be able to live in one of the Deluxe resort rooms and build a community with the other people who find shelter at Disney World. If it’s a zombie apocalypse, maybe the alligators could help control some of the zombies. Hopefully the alligators don’t become zombies too. That would suck. But it might make them slower, so it could be ok.

I just remembered that Disney World has solar panel farms and those are supposed to be able to generate enough power for at least two of the four parks or something. Things are looking up for this being my apocalypse go-to living place. Now I just need to miraculously find someone who happens to know how all of that works and can get the power to the places we need it across the resorts and also in the parks occasionally so people can have some fun once in a while. They will rig up some electric fencing to keep the zombies out.

We’ll continue using the greenhouses in Living With the Land to grow food. Someone will figure out a fuel alternative and we can use cars and the buses sometimes, and of course you know some genius will get the monorail and Skyliner working. This is gonna be great!

Too bad I told you all about this. Now you might show up but find that my Disney World Apocalypse Utopia is at capacity and you’ll get turned away which will cause you and the other rejects to plan an attack where everything gets destroyed and a third of all of us turn into zombies.

Nevermind. This was a bad idea. No one go to Disney World if there’s a zombie apocalypse. Thanks. °O°


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