First 5

I was struggling today so today’s post is a First 5, where I post the first 5 Disney World related images I see when I super scroll through my photos. °O°

This doesn’t seem Disney World related, but it’s from the Mitsukoshi store at EPCOT’s Japan pavilion.

Tarp facade up at Rock N Roller Coaster during refurbishment

I used to buy these for my kids and bring them as souvenirs for other kids until one of the kids finally told me they aren’t very tasty… I tried one, they were right.

I may have already posted this collage before…

This may have been the very first time I got info and/or MagicBands…


One comment

  1. It’s sad that those lollipops aren’t good. They used to have bags of wonderful Mickey shaped lollipops. They were cherry flavored and soooo good. They stopped selling them and added taffy instead.

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