My Hair When I Go To Disney World

I have curly hair. Like, really curly hair. Yeah, I know that it’s straight in my blog profile picture that’s like 6 years old, but trust me, it’s way curly. When I was in my teens and we went to Disney World, I tried to use that week of vacation to try out new hairstyles. I figured this was a safe thing because I was never going to see the people in the parks again and I didn’t care what they thought of my hair, opposed to how I cared way too much about what my friends and other kids at school thought of how my hair looked. It never was anything too crazy, but I tended to try things that curly haired people probably shouldn’t bother doing because it just never looked how I imagined it might look.

A recent picture…curly hair and like 50 more pounds than in my profile picture.

Well, as I got older, I kept trying to actually fix my hair and wear makeup in the parks. I’ll admit that I’m still jealous of anyone who can have cute hair and keep their makeup on for any amount of time at Walt Disney World. I’ve always been one to sweat a lot, so my makeup would sweat off within an hour of walking around the parks. But I kept putting it on every morning. Eventually, I gave up on the makeup, but for some reason I kept thinking I could walk around with my hair down and try to look like I made an effort with my hair.

I have a lot of hair, in addition to it being curly, and once I start getting hot and sweating, or even if I don’t get hot and sweaty, my hair starts to get puffy and tangled. I say puffy, because it’s not necessarily just frizzy, but it’s like it just expands and tangles like a bird has started making a nest at the back of my head. And yes, I’ve tried all kinds of hair products. Anything marked “frizz control” actually ends up making my hair either get frizzier than if I don’t use it, or makes it really get puffy and tangled so bad that it’s hard to put it in a ponytail holder.

So, going to Disney World has become a thing for me when it comes to my hair. I’ve given up trying to have nice hair in Florida. Mousse tends to help the most when I’m at Disney World, but I’ve learned to just throw my hair up in a crazy wanna-be messy bun and not care what it looks like. Well, except, for some reason, in 2015 I had straightened my hair the day I left for Disney and then the next morning I bothered trying to curl it and make it look nice before we walked from Bay Lake Tower to Magic Kingdom. I knew good and well that it was not going to last.

Me on the balcony of our room at Bay Lake Tower with my hair straightened and curled.
An hour later in Tomorrowland… A hot, frizzy mess. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Shortly after, in this weird selfie…I had pulled my hair back.

When I attended my graduation from Full Sail University in August 2019, I used a lot of mousse and pulled part of my hair back so that my graduation cap would fit better, and since I was inside most of that day, my hair was decent-ish. But having had all the hair issues that I’ve had when I go to Disney World, I wonder if I actually move to the Orlando area, am I just never going to be able to have cute curly hair ever again? Inquiring minds want to know… °O°


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