My Growing Disney World Trash Can Obsession

Disney Parks trash can salt and pepper shakers

Unless you’re not very good with context clues, you know that I love Disney (and very specifically, Disney World). I can (and do) discuss or look up something related to Disney World and/or Disney Parks on a daily basis. I’m admittedly obsessed with Disney World and always planning on how I can make my next trip happen, but there are sub-obsessions that I’ve developed about specific things at Walt Disney World too. One obsession that I hadn’t really realized was growing, is my obsession with the trash cans at Disney World.

I actually have a thing about trash cans and dumpsters in general. I absolutely hate having to put my hands close public trash cans to throw things away, especially the ones with the little door you have to push open in order to get your trash in…they gross me out so much. Food smears, nasty visible finger or hand prints on public trash cans remind me how many people have put who knows what kind of stuff in or on the trash cans and I’m not trying to touch all that. I know dumpster lids should be kept closed, but I really love when someone leaves the lid open because it grosses me out to have to open the dumpster lid when I or my sons take the trash out at home.

So it has surprised me to admit to myself that I’m becoming more and more obsessed with the trash cans at Disney World. I’ve taken pictures or video of trash cans during my trips in the past few years and just yesterday I was thinking about how I want to get some form of trash can related merchandise. In case you’ve never seen or looked up what some Disney World trash cans look like, let me clarify that they are themed to the area that they are in. Usually, Disney Cast Members keep the trash cans clean and they aren’t as gross, but I still don’t want to touch them in person, and I definitely don’t want to use one as a table like some people do in the parks. But overall, I love seeing the different themed trash cans in the parks.

More salt and pepper shakers

Disney Parks trash can ornaments

Trash cans in Toy Story Land

A trash can in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Fantasyland trash cans

Trash cans at Conservation Station in Animal Kingdom

At Animal Kingdom Lodge, this trash can is disguised as a trunk

I could show you Disney World trash cans all day! But I won’t. But I’m pretty sure that sometime soon, I’ll at least buy a poster or wall art that features only Disney World trash cans. I’ll reach out for help if things get too trashy. °O°


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