I Did This to Pay for Disney World

I have people assume a lot of different reasons that I am able to visit Walt Disney World often. For instance, I’ve had people who don’t know me assume I “force” my husband to work multiple jobs so that we can take yearly trips. I’ve had people comment that I must lie to get a government welfare check and then use the money to go. One man was bold enough to straight up ask me if I sold drugs or my body to get the money. These make me laugh when I think about these comments now, but back when they happened, I would let myself get so mad about them.

I actually have never even been married (thank goodness…no shade to any married people, but I’m very glad I didn’t get married to any of the men in my past), I have never received welfare money, and I have never sold drugs, my body, or done anything illegal to get money for my trips. Not that you asked…but since I mentioned it, I decided to clarify. I have worked up to three jobs at once myself in order to make sure I had my bills covered and then enough for our yearly trip to Disney World, but I’ve never asked anyone else to give me money so that I could go.

So, other than working extra, I made it a point to budget and save to take my kids on our Disney trips. I gave up things like eating out and buying random stuff that I didn’t need (like all of the things I’d pick up at Target when I was only going in for necessities). It took some adjusting, but it was worth it to me so that I could visit my favorite place.

At one point, I did start selling items on eBay, it was just clothing or collectibles, etc. that I already owned and knew I didn’t want anymore. That only got me so far, so eventually I went back to something that I used to do when I first started college after I graduated high school. I sold my blood plasma.

Yep. I regularly went to “donate” plasma locally. I figured out that they paid a little more than when I originally was doing it as a young college student, so I decided I’d go start donating again. Of course, they give people money for this so it’s really selling blood plasma, but either way, it worked out for me. I’ll admit that I did this for several years, but it really was very helpful. In a year, I could end up with anywhere between $3000- $4000 depending on if the company was doing some kind of bonus and I went every single time I was eligible.

That money easily paid for our yearly visits. I never had any side effects from donating but it did leave me with a wicked scar on my arm. The downside was at tax time, since no taxes are deducted from the amount the plasma center gave me, I’d have to add that to my income and pay taxes on it during tax season. But it was better to get more money and be able to take the vacation that I wanted, so it worked out for me. To be honest, I might still have been doing it if I hadn’t had to stop when I had my Bell’s Palsy episode. I never bothered to go back to be re-evaluated because once the Bell’s Palsy resolved, I had moved on to better job opportunities and I decided I could make it without selling my plasma.

I get that not everyone is willing or is able to sell their blood plasma, but this was probably one of the biggest things that helped me to afford my trips during the time that I did it. I regret nothing! Ok, that’s not true…I have a lot of regrets in my life, but donating plasma for Disney money is not one of them. °O°

Wait…does selling plasma actually count as a form of selling my body? No, I’m still saying no to that.


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