My DVC Resale Contract!

I didn’t do so well posting last week. It was an up and down week for me all around but one of the “ups” of the week is that my Disney Vacation Club resale contract finally closed! Not that I was in a big rush to get it finished considering I’m not even 100% sure when I can book my next trip just yet, but you know, I’ve been excited about it and just wanted to make sure it didn’t fall through somehow at the last minute.

The sellers didn’t return their paperwork for almost four weeks and my paranoid side started to wonder if something was wrong and they changed their mind or something. Luckily, the contract has been closed now and I’m just waiting for the deed to be recorded and to get my Disney Vacation Club account information set up and sent to me. Oh, and for my points to be loaded into my account.

I wasn’t really in a rush to get this contract closed because it’s a December use year but I definitely wanted to be sure that everything gets done before December so that I can log into my DVC account and make plans for when my points are available to me. I’ll admit that it’s kind of driving me crazy not knowing when my next trip is going to be. I’ll try to be patient for now since I can’t really plan to use my DVC points until I get them in my account.

Orrrrrrrrr…..maybe I’ll plan a trip not using my points just to be safe. 😀 °O°



  1. Congratulations! We added on a 160-point contract back in February for Saratoga Springs. I know what a nail-biter it can be waiting for everything to go through…especially for DVC to get the points up on the DVC site. We’ll be using it in the VERY near future and very excited about it. Where did you purchase?

    • I purchased a 210 point contract at Old Key West! I told myself I need to wait a couple of years to see how I use my points before I add on. I have double points for the first year but I originally had a goal of 250-300 points but now I’m wondering if 210 is plenty after all. But does anyone really ever feel they have enough? Haha!

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