Extended Disney World Trip?

My vacations to Walt Disney World with my parents and later on with my kids would always be a week long. At one point I decided that I needed to somehow figure out how to be able to take longer trips. I really wanted to have a two week long stay but I never had a job that allowed me to have more than one week of vacation at a time.

Once I started working from home, I realized that I had the opportunity to plan my extended trip to Disney World. But I also realized that in order to be able to have our vacation be more than a week, I’d have to go during the summer when my kids were out of school. The winter break wasn’t really a good option because we always had family plans for the holidays and I never wanted to take the kids out of school for a trip, it was just my preference.

It turned out that one of my kids had a camp for two weeks in the middle of June and we’d have to end up going at the end of June or after and I always tried to go before it got even hotter in Florida. So I still never planned our two week trip.

After I had taken a couple of shorter trips without my kids for friend meet ups and runDisney races, I put thoughts of a two week trip on hold since I was starting to visit Disney World two or three times a year. This was happening in the time frame where my kids were kind of “over” going to Disney so often so I don’t think they would have enjoyed a longer trip anyway.

Now that both of my sons have graduated high school and my oldest has graduated from college, we’re able to try to plan a longer trip once again. After talking to them about it, we’ve decided that we’d rather take a couple of trips a year instead of just one longer one. That actually works out well since I just bought into Disney Vacation Club on the resale market. (I passed ROFR and am just waiting for the contract to close now!)

It’s so weird to see how much my Disney World life has changed. I used to want that two week long trip SO bad! I even said that I’d eventually stay for a month. Now, I feel like taking a few trips a year is the perfect way to visit. Who knows, I may eventually take that extended Disney World trip, but for now, I’ll just wait and see how 2-3 trips a year works for us! °O°


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