Why I Stopped Taking a Backpack to the Parks

When my kids were little, it was a must to take a bag to the parks with all of the things I’d need for them throughout the day. Even after they were both out of diaper and pull ups age, I still took a backpack with snacks, rain ponchos, water bottles, band aids, and all kinds of other junk I “needed.” It really was getting on my nerves taking all of that stuff.

Besides the fact that after a while the bag was making my back hurt, I was starting to see that I didn’t use most of the stuff I took with me. I sometimes had the park bag so full of stuff that it was hard to stow it away on certain rides, so one morning, I decided to take out the stuff I hadn’t even used that trip. I even got brave one time and took the ponchos out too. I loved having a lighter bag and I questioned why I even needed it anymore.

My sons would still want to take certain things with them so I bought them their own little backpacks and made them take their own poncho and snacks. That was ok at first until they would start getting tired of carrying it and ask me to carry it. When they were a little older, I told them they had to carry it themselves cuz I wasn’t going to carry 2 or 3 bags the rest of the day. They just took a few less things and they were fine with it.

So one trip, I had a small bag that I had been using but decided to try only taking my wallet and my phone. It was great! The next day I just put my ID and some money in my pocket and just carried my phone. I was so happy not to have a bag to keep up with! I had a waterproof phone at the time so if it rained or I went on a water ride it wasn’t a big deal. By now I had gotten to where I didn’t bother with a rain poncho because I would get too hot under the poncho and be all sweaty and I’d prefer to just get rained on to being extra sweaty.

By the time I changed phones and no longer had a waterproof one, I had purchased a small purse that was really easy to carry in the parks. A couple of years later I bought a crossbody bag and decided to just take that with me to the parks when I needed to take things like medication or whatnot. It’s way easier to carry and I don’t even have to take it off for most rides. Plus I got a nylon one so it has been pretty easy to keep it clean(ish).

Sometimes I still take nothing but my ID, money, and phone to the parks and just keep a ziploc bag in my pocket to put my phone in if it starts to rain. I figured out that when my phone is in the ziploc, I can still use it easily through the bag so that works very well for me. All I know is that I won’t be taking a backpack to the parks ever again. °O°


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